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  1. Hi there, I'm rendering one of my projects from last year again. All files and settings were saved and they seem to be the same as far as I can remember. However, the shadows are much darker in the completed render. I still have the separately saved GI layer from last year and they aren't the same but I can't figure out why they are different since it's the exact same file. Please help. I need the same render result as the old render. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Ko8OAJM - Vray/3ds Max
  2. Please, i need someone to help me to convert save file from 3ds max 2019 to 2018 and send it back for me. because i cant open it on my laptop, i have the 2018 edition. i really appreciate it. Thanks for the help every one. really need it. 3dmax (hotel bedroom ).zip
  3. Hello, I'm rendering an animation with DR in 3DS+Vray of 300 frames. I calculate before the LC and the IM and then I run the final render process through the DR. Vray starts rendering alright the first 20/30 frames but after that, the DR start failing to render all the VrayProxies (I have many Proxies for trees and furniture). Basically, you will see the proxies missing in some buckets after some frames rendered perfectly. Everything is merged in scene so NO XREF scene or objects. Once I spot the DR making a mess with the frames, I if stop the process and I just try to re-render the failing frame (without touch anything in the scene or in the settings), it cames out perfectly with no problems. do you have any idea what's going on ?????
  4. Hi! I'm new at the forum, sorry for my imperfections in english language. Please, help me with my problem. I'm trying to set up IES lights in my scene, something went wrong (look at attached image), effect is unreal, I was trying to increse the value in lumens, but effect still looks not good. Somebody has the same problem? Please help me!
  5. I wanted to ask people engaged in furniture making and manufacturing, more specifically kitchen cabinets, what do you think of web app online 3D kitchen constructor? Here's the example of project I've recently made using this online software (see attachments). What do yu think of its rendering possibilities? http://prodboard.eu/kitchen/ You can try to design a kitchen yourself and share your opinions about whether it worths time spending, or maybe you know some other apps of this kind that you like more.
  6. Hello guys. This is my first post on this website and I'm eager to explore the wonderful creations of this community. My friend has an issue with his render. The ceiling of her visualization is black and it doesn't reflect light easily. However when I separate the ceiling solid from the main model up to expose the black side to the environment, the texture is visible. To get rid of the black void, I tried creating the material again, increased reflections, and I recreated the ceiling. But it still wouldn't reflect any light. A low quality rendered image of the model is attached. As you can see, the ceiling appears to be made of vantablack. Could anyone help me please? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey guys. I have a question about modeling text on a surface. So I have this bottle and now that i have finished it I wanted to put the logo of the firm on the surface. How I do it is simple. I import the 2D drawing in 3Ds max. I redraw it with a line and create a surface. Now I go on the front view and with a command Comfort a put them nicely on the surface. Than I extrude them and using Boolean command Union I combine them. However this turns out not to be a clean technique. Because I all i get is letters cut out at back to lay on the surface, but not actual connection between the two. Hence when I try to 3D print them some letters are read by the Slicer (cura) some not. In the links below you can see some reference images. I hope someone can give me a tip on how to achive this so that i end up with a whole "clean" model. Thank you Im using 3ds max 2014. Here are the images: http://imgur.com/IMMI96B http://imgur.com/V5XdoYv http://imgur.com/Q8RsmRG http://imgur.com/Xbhwj9j
  8. Hi everyone, I am new at 3d studio max and I just started a new job that requires it. I am desperate to solve quickly a very unpleasant problem with my model and I am really hoping that somebody here can help me. As you can see I have this pannels and thet have the exact same properties UV maps etc, but some of them are fine when a texture is applied and others just get this effect ... Somebody has an idea why? Thank you very much.
  9. I need help please. Im rendering a scene with vray in 3DS. When I render it I have any problem. The problem comes when I try to render it as texture (Baking a texture) to export baked textures for gaming engines. As soon as I click on render it gives me the error you can see here: I tried several things. I thought maybe is cause Im importing my scene from blender & some lightning parameters had been changed, so I try a scene from sketchup & also a simple build directly on 3ds... And after all, I dowload a really PRO scene from internet with 3DS & Vray... and it still giving me this error. I think I'm maybe making something wrong to "render into texture" But can't figure out what. 3DS 2016 Thankyou
  10. hi guys, my client woke up bad this morning and decided to give to my existence a painful experience sending me this reference image: i ve a really a big square to map, but truly, i don't have any idea on which is the best method to achieve that effect with diamonds blended one on the other. have you any idea that is not modelling the whole surface ? Is there any script/plugin which could help me ? i know omnitiles from VP but i don't have budget to buy it... thank you !
  11. I have a quasi semi-circular object than I am trying to shell by 1mm inwards. The lilac object is what I need it to look like, whilst the purple object is what is happening when I do the command. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and if there is a way I can solve it? Thanks
  12. Hello, I am trying to render an animation but it's rendering all black. I successfully rendered the light cache and irradiance map, but am having issues rendering the actual video. What is strange is that the material IDs are rendering successfully.I have attached screenshots so you can see what I mean. If you can think of any reason this is happening please let me know! The original model was imported from revit. Vray materials were used to replace the revit materials. Below are the animation rendering instructions that I followed almost exactly, for the exception that I left the light cache subdivs and sample size at 800 and .02 respectively. PART ONE: render > render setup > common > common parameters > time output > check single > output size > change custom > hdtv > 1280 x 720 > render output > nothing checked but rendered frame window > v-ray > check enable built-in frame buffer > vray raw image > check render to vray raw image file > browse to folder > make trash//throwaway folder for this > save as .exr > don’t check save separate render channels > indirect illumination > check “on” > primary bounces > GI engine = light cache > secondary bounces > GI engine = light cache > vray light cache > subdivs = 2500, sample size = .01 > Mode > mode = fly-through > on render end > check auto save > browse to your folder > save in animations folder (as light map) > vray > global switches > check “don’t render final image” output is yourfilename.vrlmap (disregard the .exrs you created) PART TWO: in same max file > rendering > render setup > common > common parameters > check active time segment > every nth frame = change to 5 > vray > vray raw image > check render to vray raw image > browse new trash name.exr > indirect illumination > primary bounces > GI engine = irradiance map> secondary bounces > GI engine = light cache > vray irradiance map > built-in presets > current preset = medium-animation > mode > multiframe incremental > autosave > browse > new file on network .vrmap > light cache > mode = from file > browse > browse to light map from part one (.vrlmap) output is yourfilename.vrmap (disregard .exrs) PART THREE: rendering > render setup > common > active time segment > every nth frame = 1 > can change range if you only have camera at 40 seconds or something > vray > vray frame buffer > vray raw image (one you want to save) > browse to your network folder > save as .exr > check save separate render channels > browse > save as .exr w/ channels > render elements > add vraymtlid > okay > vray > global switches > DESELECT don’t render final image > indirect illumnation > irradiance map > mode = from file > browse to .vrmap from part two
  13. Hello all I'm having a weird issue here Using Max 2015, with VRay 3.20.03 and I'm getting the following error: "warning: Texture "Map#20296745" returned an invalid bump normal (XYZ -1.#QNAN,-1.#QNAN,-1.#QNAN)." but i CAN'T find this texture, its not showing up inside the material editor (using find) Anyone has an idea whats going on here?
  14. Hello, I am fighting with 3ds max and autocad... My goal is to open object from 3ds max in autocad3d and then flatten it to 2d drawing or image. - whatever.. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than I thought... I have opened 3d object from 3ds in autocad3D. - But Flatshot option doesn't work.. and autocad is giving me into that.. "_flatshot There are no solids or surfaces that can be projected." flatshot option doesn't work even if I am trying flatten simple box from 3ds max. so.. is there a way, that autocad will start to recognize 3d object form 3ds max as his own..
  15. Hi CGArchitects, I'm new to this whole community and art form. I've hit a major road block for the last couple weeks and was hoping for some help or clarification. I apologize if this has been asked before, I've been searching around for days, maybe I'm phrasing it wrong in my queries. I've created a simple room in 3DS max, walls, and two floor types. I've unwrapped the UVWs, and made sure they fit inside the 0 - 1 box. Now when I put it into the UE4 and apply the texture to all the surfaces they're all a different size. I under stand WHY this is happening, the material has to spread out over more space, but I don't know how to fix it. The only solution I can think of is to render a UVW template, make an image with the tiles in proportion and then use that image.It seems really counter-intuitive and I can't help but feel there has to be an easier way. Again, I apologize if this is a common question. I've watched dozens of tutorials for UVW unwrapping but I just seem to be missing something. Thanks for the help CGArchitects.
  16. Hello friends just want to share my wardrobe model you can download or share for personal as well as commercial use c&c are most welcome for download just visit the link http://www.3ddesignmodelss.in/3d-model-2/3d-wardrobe-model/
  17. I noticed recently that I was getting a lot of duplicate materials (same name, same properties) in a scene even though I was using the 'use scene material' option when merging. A colleague suggested that instead of using the 'apply to all duplicates' option, I click through each warning individually, and sure enough, it successfully merged the materials (this is a simple scene with only 10 or so materials and I know they are all identical as they were all taken from a merged model common to each one) Is this a known bug or just me?
  18. Studio/Institution: www.snakeboxmedia.com Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, Corona Render, Photoshop Website: http://www.snakeboxmedia.com Description: Hi everyone, I just want to share my first render test of a little ' for fun' personal project I started the other night. I am not really sure where I want it go, in terms of mood, and there is close to no post production on the image attached. (exposure tweak on the couch and AO on top of everything). No colour grading, levels etc has been done yet. So if you have any good suggestions to either changes you would like or moods / settings you could see this working well in, feel free to share! Certainly open for discussion as I am really just playing around. Thanks everyone.
  19. hello friends i have created the wardrobe model for architectural visualization http://www.3ddesignmodelss.in/3d-wardrobe Check it out and give me reply
  20. Hi all, May I ask for help and tips from Australian artist, arch-viz artist or anyone within architectural field working in Australia. I'm an architectural designer from Hong Kong/Norway and going to relocate to Perth in July. I've tried looking for jobs through agency (hays.com.au) and seek.com.au but so far no luck as they all require 5+ years experience, even as a draftsman. Anyone here could provide me insight and info please? It seems like Perth doesn't have that big market when it comes to Arch-viz or is it simply because the market is already full? Not that I can't do other jobs but I've finally set half my foot into this field I'd like to continue my career as Arch-Viz artist. I've checked Danil's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/26864-2-all-australian-i-need-your-help-4.html), Carl's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/27820-archiviz-jobs-australia.html) and Daniel's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/13733-vis-australia-wa.html) regarding jobs in Aust, Perth. But those are relatively really old threads.. Also I've checked Thomas' thread about listing studios but there are only 2 available. I've tried contact those companies but still no reply. I consider myself a excellent 3DS Max user having experience in viz and animation, also experience in drafting with AutoCAD, Revit and more. Well that's my job as architectural designer in Hong Kong right now. I'm currently leading a team of 4 but not really titled as senior because I don't have xx years experience required to acquire that title?
  21. Hello everybody, that's my first post after having followed this community for some time as a visitor. So thank you all for having me here! I'm opening this thread to get some feedback about the rendering workflow I want to reach. I'm a Sketchup user, and for many reason I decided to make Skp my 3d modeling tool. I have been using Vray for Sketchup for some time getting good results and falling in love with the possibility of rendering the model inside of Sketchup. But now I am facing, as many people do, the limits of using a 32bit software, being unable to manage complex geometries, spending hours waiting for my render to start, etc. (that's an old topic!) Even though I know that the new Vray 2.0 for Sketchup features proxies and a real time rendering engine, I want to try a new workflow, creating most of my model in Sketchup and exporting it to an other software (and therefore rendering it there, or if needed adding some complex objects like trees, etc.). Everything still using Vray if possible. So I was thinking about two options: - 3DS MAX + Vray (e.g. 3ds max 2013): I've never used 3ds before, but I know it's a solid software used worldwide. - CINEMA 4d + Vray (e.g. C4D release 15): I've already used C4D for rendering with it's own engine, but never tried with vray. What is the best choice for you in terms of rendering quality (I aim to photorealistic rendering)? What's your own experience about this kind of workflow? My "dream" would be being able to apply and map the textures with sketchup and then work on reflections, refractions, etc. with Vray inside the rendering software. Is it possible? (I tried with 3ds but I still haven't figured out the proper way) Thanks, Francesco
  22. I'm setting up some shaders for my library and sometimes when I set a diffuse color value it changes after I close/re-open the color picker. I checked MANY times and it's still happening. Perhaps this was always the case and I never saw it until now? The HSV went from 25,159,6 to 21,170,6 but the RGB sliders don't change. What the deuce!?
  23. Hello, i work on 3d architectural visualization, and i have to make models for my projects. Now, i want to share these models. The first models are 3d furniture, as soon as possible i'll upload more models including different categories also. I hope they're useful and i'm interest on your oppinion about them. models can be downloaded on: http://3dcontents.blogspot.com/ B.R
  24. hey, so iv been experimenting with distributed rendering using vray & 3ds. I have mad sure all my materials are on a network drive, all the folders are mapped to the same drive letter and name on each computer. I still keep getting dodgy renders from the buckets on the other computer. it almost looks like it is rendering with different settings on some materials and not finding some materials. heres the rendered image https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B9uywejyRhBZam5Tam04SGZOQ3c What am i doing wrong? Cheers
  25. Hej all. Have recently just moved to Sweden and am looking for network connections. I've worked in London for various studios including Hayes Davidson and Wagstaffs Design. Now I working as a 3D Illustrator for Tengbom Arkitekter in Stockholm, Sweden. I'll upload some images to my CG architect portfolio soon but in the meantime please look at www.itschriswebb.com for my portfolio. Also feel free to add me on Twitter www.twitter.com/itschriswebb or LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/itschriswebb. Keep up the good work everyone! Chris
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