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Found 9 results

  1. Hi There, We've commissioned an artist to deliver photo-real fabrics but after many rounds of test renders, we're unable to give feedback that results in the fabrics looking photo-real. See final images for bedding reference. Everything in the renders is to a high standard however, the bed and footrest are missing that final 10%. We feel it's a material problem although, the reference fabrics have both crisp and smooth folds so this might also be an issue? To us, there's something in the way the CG fabrics are reflecting light that looks 'CG' to us. And yes, crisp, white bedding is probably harder to deliver but the footrest also exhibits a softness or blurriness that doesn't feel right (view at 100%). Does anyone have feedback that might help the artist understand why the fabrics don't look real? Hope that makes sense and that this kind of post is allowed here. We have a lot of respect for the artist and want to work with him for all our shots but just feel he's missing some specific technical direction on the fabrics we're unable to provide. Kind Regards, Ben
  2. Hi all, I've just finished up at uni in the last week and I'm looking at starting my own business in arch vis. For anyone who has gone through this process, is there anything you wish you knew when you started that you now know/wish someone had told you earlier? Thanks, Jayden
  3. Hi, I'm an architect occasionally doing cg models with videos and walkthroughs. right now I use windows movie maker to create my presentation but its far from my needs. I would appreciate some advice on the most simple (must) cheap (preferably) video authoring software to do the following: must have features: 1. accept most popular video file types with sound. 2. allow to add multiple videos and mix/ cross-fade between them, like having a separate day and night view videos and going from day to night without actually simulating it on the 3d software. ALSO allow for more than one video on screen with some type of divider (yes complicated) - maybe to show the project from above with a facade both moving at the same time. or show house plan with interior at the same time, etc. 3. allow more then one sound file at a time. at least one from video file and added background music. also allows to add different background music files and mix/crossfade between them. 4. allow to cut/edit/paste video parts. 5. has the ability to add text - with as many as possible pre defined text effects. preferable features: 1. video editing: color correction / pre-defined color and style effects. 2. allow complex annotations - add arrows/boxes with text to indicate important information. - really really want this - but can live without.. 3. as many as possible presets for effects and edits to make the video live and interesting - fast. 4. has a rewind effect - to go through an important part, "rewind" and show it again for better impact don't know if something like this exist since I did google and searched this forum, but maybe with 2 simple application, one for some and one for the other features I can get all of the above done? thanks in advance,
  4. Good morning / afternoon and evening to you all. I would just like to say congratulations on all the work I have seen in the gallery in my short time on the site and I am envious of everyone's skills in the field. I recently graduated from a motion graphics and animative design course at Northumbria uni in newcastle, UK and I'm looking to get hired in a arch viz role but thanks to a power surge and windows my external HDD was wiped so I lost all my work from the last 3 yrs of my course. My Questions are thus: 1. When applying for arch viz jobs are mental ray renders still ok to use? as I know a lot of places would like or require Vay renders or knowledge. However my 4GB Ram and 2 GHZ processor laptop cant run VRay and I cant afford to get another one at this time. 2. I was talking to a gentleman from mustard recruitment on the phone a while back and he told me 1 exterior render and 2 interiors would aid my application to a firm in newcastle which has its own arch viz dept. and i was wondering what peoples thoughts would be on whats best to model / render for this application. 3. Because I was on an animation course I needed to use Maya and switching back to max is prooving troublesome and slower to pick it up than I thought would this be a massive issue or something i need to work on to utilize max better. Thank you for your time and hope you are having a great day. Regards Rob Brown
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum and somewhat new to the 3ds max rendering scene. I look foward to reading everyones posts and checking out thier images. I am currently looking to build a new system specifically for modeling and rendering and am seeking expert advice on specs that i shouldl try to achieve on Computer parts. So... Let me know what specs make the most differece in rendering. Thanks! Kelly!
  6. Hi all - I am looking for some advice on which program will best suit my needs. First, let me tell you what I need to get out of either program... I am looking for a program that allows me to be able to to model, texture and light realistic room scenes (furniture, plants, etc.). I also need to be able to take drawings of products done in Solid Works from our R&D department, place them within these scenes and render them all together in a realistic looking environment using Mental Ray or something similar. I have attached a file sample of what I would like to be able to achieve. I would also like to have some flexibility in being able to create short, simple animations (zooming in, rotating the products, etc.). My choices are: 1. Get 3ds Max and a brand new PC or 2. Get Maya and a brand new Mac. I am looking for as much advice as possible (and what the pros and cons are of either system) from those who work in the industry, as I don't want to choose wrong and be stuck with something that doesn't do the job I need it to... Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  7. I'm new in the world of arch viz (just graduated from architecture school) and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to go about freelancing. I'm not sure how to build up contacts and find work for myself. I've seen a lot of job posting/freelancing websites out there, but I was wondering if that was really the route to take since it seems so saturated with my hungry peers. I understand that there is probably no secret untapped resource for me to use to gain an advantage, but there's got to be a more targeted way to find work. I thought that those who have a little experience in the matter might have some wisdom to bestow to the naive and inexperienced.
  8. Hello, I am a graphic designer for a manufacturing company and they have requested that I look into creating my own REALISTIC 3d roomsets to showcase our products (fireplaces). The products themselves are created in ProE by our R&D team, and they also would like to have a program that allows for interactive animation for consumers on the web. Is 3d Studio the best program for this? Pros? Cons? Right now we are using CS4 for all of our other marketing needs, and I would like something that is compatible with this. Basically, I am starting from scratch in 3d imaging, and any advice that you could pass on would be fantastic! Thanks!
  9. Hello, My name is Leo I'm new to the forums here. I actually joined to hopefully get a little guidance form the pros! I'm presently an illustrator. I do vector art, 3d, and traditional art. Right now I'm marketing it all through the stock photography business (hence I haven't linked to my works so as not to advertise!) and I'm quite certain that business will be seeing its end within a year or so. At least it will stop being lucrative for contributors like me simply because the market is becoming saturated with contributors. So my question is simply how does one get into 3d visualization? I'd like to work with architects and start developing it as a life career. Even if I start in visualization and take it further into architecture, my mind is open. What sort of obstacles should I expect? What should I start learning? Usually I've found that simply "doing" something is the first step to succeeding in it. But in something like architecture in general an official education is necessary. Does OJT count in this business? Self education? I have a lot of questions, but I'm sure the guidance from the pros will steer me right! Thanks!
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