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  1. Hi Everyone, I hope this post finds you well. This is the latest property development I was fortunate enough to have been a part of, and wanted to share the final results. The main brief was to help sell the development off the 2d DWG plans/drawings before construction, by creating a series of 3d marketing images that captured the building's true essence and design ( interior and exterior). My work involved picking the materials, furniture, design and 3d render the space in a way it would be appealing to potential buyers. I have used 3ds Max and V-Ray to create the initial still images. Later, I have developed an interactive App in Unreal Engine, for potential buyers to customise the interior of their apartments. For more information, please google: jamie cardoso Kind Regards Jamie
  2. YANTRAM STUDIO, flourished out as a Global Brand in the world of Imagination and designing. Our architectural outsourcing Company strongly represent our decade old arduous journey to become a top class renowned brand for 3D Building construction drawings & Design, an envy to every studio in the CGI world. Since 2004 At our architecture Firm, we proudly offer 3D Architectural (Exterior, Floor Plan - Interactive 3D Floor Plan , Rendering Images Walkthrough Animation) 3D Interior Design , Virtual Reality Application Development (Interactive Virtual Tour), Augmented Reality Apps Development , Corporate Animated Video Production , Movie and Game Character Modeling and Animation, 360 Degree Panoramic Tour and Product Modeling & Animation. We take pride in offering the highest quality of Architectural / Entertainment Industry. We integrated Latest touch screen Technology like Wearable Device, Google Cardboard, Oculus and Hand Tracking Services for 3D Game Design Technology. We are one of the leading Companies in Architectural Design. Our Artist is expert in Architectural Interior, Exterior, Walkthrough and Floor Plan. You Can Check Our Work Here 👉 Yantramstudio.com
  3. Hello World, I am Jasmine @ Imagist3ds architecture visualization studio. If you are have architectural designs that needs 3D visualization services, please email to tell us your detailed request. If you are 3D visualizers like us and would like to talk, please also don't hesitate to discuss with us. Contact: Jasmine; Email: support@imagist3ds.com' Company: Imagist3ds Architectural Visualization Studio Website: https://imagist3ds.com/
  4. Hello! This is my first time using the CG forum (actually, any forum AT ALL!) and I'm here to read what you guys have to say about this current project I'm working at and see where I can improve, I'm sure I'll learn with everyone since this is my first year learning and working with 3D Render! If you stopped by to give me a little advice I'll be eternally thankful!
  5. Hello there, I am an architectural visualizer at https://www.virses.com currently working on a small community residential project where I need to render 1200 images. My system is taking too long for rendering the frames and boss asked me to fine a cheap rendering farm online. Any one know something cheap. This company does animations for really low prices so can not afford costly render farms for those prices. I found garagefarm but not sure. Please advise.
  6. Production Renderer Adds Support for C4D’s Latest Material Node Editor; Plus Material Translucency Updates, New Mask Capabilities and More LOS ANGELES – June 23, 2021 – Today, Chaos launches V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D, update 1, building the community’s most requested feature into a production workflow. With new support for node-based material editing, artists can now achieve true photorealism without sacrificing any creative choices they’ve made along the way. “We always strive to have V-Ray integrated as seamlessly as possible, so it always feels like an extension of an artist's favorite app,” says Phillip Miller, vice president of product management at Chaos. “Now, users can view and manage their entire V-Ray shading network within Cinema 4D, using the Material Node Editor throughout the entire creation process – from first ideas to finishing touches.” The V-Ray Material has also been updated, making it easier to create translucent materials in just a few clicks. With built-in volumetric subsurface scattering, this can be immediately applied to skin, plastic, wax and more with brilliant results. Beyond Rendering Like all V-Ray integrations, V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D, update 1 is geared to help artists do more in one place, including relight and composite from a single render. In the latest update, artists can start rendering multiple dome lights at the same time. Direct support in Light Mix makes it easier than ever to mix light sources and relight a scene – even after it’s already been rendered. If pixel-perfect adjustments are required, artists can use any of V-Ray’s masking render elements directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer’s Compositor, including Cryptomatte, MultiMatte and Object, Render and Material IDs, to fine tune an image without re-rendering or turning to another app. Additional V-Ray Features Include: Progressive Caustics – Rendering reflected lighting from surfaces like glass and water is now far easier to achieve. V-Ray Fur – Users can render hair and fur faster than ever before. From grass and fabrics to carpets, hair and more, artists can work quickly using the same procedural tool employed on major productions. V-Ray Clipper – Create quick cutaways and section renders for any scene or object. For more information on V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D’s full feature set, please visit the product page. Pricing and Availability V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D, update 1 is available now for Windows 8.1 and 10, Mac OS 10.14 and up, and is compatible with Cinema 4D versions R20-S24. Licensing is available at $470 (annually) and $80 (monthly). V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D is also included in V-Ray Collection, an annual plan that gives users full access to 15 Chaos products and services for $699/year. About Chaos Chaos is a world leader in computer graphics technology, empowering artists and designers to create photorealistic imagery and animation across all creative industries. Chaos develops 3D rendering and simulation software that is used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. In 2017, the firm’s physically based renderer, V-Ray, was honored with an Academy Award for its role in the widespread adoption of ray-traced rendering for motion pictures. Today, the company’s advancements in ray tracing, cloud rendering, and real-time visualization are shaping the future of design communication and storytelling. Founded in 1997, Chaos is privately owned with offices in Sofia, Prague, Seoul, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. For more information visit chaosgroup.com
  7. Hi folks I am looking for a best solution to add huge traffic(May be 8000 vehicles) in a big masterplan. My primary software is 3ds max 2020(Vray Next), what plugin or any other thing I can use to animate this huge traffic ? and If I want to animated trees in the scene as well. I need to prepare a flythrough camera of 20 second to show the whole masterplan having canal running through and lots of roads across. Please suggest best solution for these 2 things (Animated trees and vehicles) Best regards
  8. An architectural visualtion in switzerland, an expert help from the ace service providers named Easy Render, a firm which not only helps you meet the ace 3D artist but also gives you a chance to collaborate with them regarding your work. @font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }@font-face { font-family: "宋体"; }@font-face { font-family: "SimSun"; }@font-face { font-family: "Calibri"; }@font-face { font-family: "SimSun"; }p.MsoNormal { margin-bottom: 10pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 115%; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 10.5pt; }span.msoIns { text-decoration: underline; color: blue; }span.msoDel { text-decoration: line-through; color: red; }div.Section0 { }
  9. Check out this New tutorial on; How to turn any project into a masterpiece, in minutes...consistently. It's fairly easy to turn an appealing 3d model, scene or design, into a great visual. However, most users won't have the privilege to be involved in appealing/amazing projects all the time. Hence, turning every 3d scene/project into great visuals can be extremely challenging at times. This step-by-step video tutorial takes users through the process of turning any project into a masterpiece, in less than 30 minutes. http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/interior-design.html I hope you like it. Ta J
  10. How much money an average sized and top notch 3d visualization company can make in general? Needed to ask this question as I am about to start a new business and need to prepare a proper business model and some solid points for pitching the idea to investors. Any help or idea is highly appreciated.
  11. Hi guys. Can anyone advise me on whether it is still possible to match a 3D scene to a background photograph in Cinema 4D using points rather than perspective lines. 3DS max uses 'Campoints' which are quite effective (see this video ), and I'm aware that back before the camera calibration tag was introduced in R14, there was a third party plugin available for C4D from an outfit called Pano4D that also had this functionality (check out from about 2:25 onwards in this video ). The Pano4D plugin seems to be discontinued now and their website is inactive. The current system in the camera calibration tag that uses perspective lines may work well enough for basic 3D compositing, but I've found it to be very unreliable for accurately compositing architectural scenes, even into photographs that have identifiable x y and z axes. And in a situation where I have known / surveyed points in the photograph but no perspective lines, it is no use at all. If anyone knows of a current plugin for C4D that can match photos using points, or has another reliable methodology for this that they're willing to share, I'd love to hear from them. Thanks! Jeremy
  12. Visualize your project like you are really in the building you designed. Look right, look up, and move forward with a joystick. Is this immersive view only reserved for gamers, and this kind of technology is still out of reach for Architects? NO. Thanks to Twinmotion, Visual Reality is now possible in the architectural world. If you have an Oculus Mask with you, download the executable file generated by Twinmotion, then try to run it with Oculus: http://twinmotion.abvent.com/bimmotion/ You simply have to have Oculus runtime 0.8 installed on your computer, and have Oculus turned on, then Oculus will be recognized in the "Monitor list". Connect your joystick too, then walkthrough in the scenes that our architects have created, discover an architectural project before construction. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share with us your experiences! Tianxiao http://www.twinmotion.com
  13. Hi, PFA, We have just now upgraded to 3d s max 2014, But sometime while rendering interior files we face the error mentioned in the image. Previously we used max 2012 and 2013 but we have not gone across such a problem, Please provide your valuable opinions for solving this problem.
  14. Hi, My name is Shawn Khoo, Founder of 8 Yolk Design Studio, Singapore. We hope we contribute to this wonderful forum. 8 Yolk Studio is established in 2007 by a group of highly professional 3D Visualization Artists, inspired to bring a new 3D visualization experience to our clients. We consist of a Creative Collection with diverse background in architecture, graphic design and 3D modeling + animation. In 8 Yolk Studio, we believe each architectural design is unique and it is critical to identify best visualization style to embrace its design intention & strengths. We are committed to explore with architects/designers on any possibilities to achieve your design winning edge. To further enhance our clients’ 3D Visualization Experience, we have also established 3D design partners globally to bring the best & distinctive visualization works to our clients. We provide a range of 3D visualization services 3d Architectural Perspectives Architectural Animations Interior Perspectives Full- Suite Architectural Presentation Marketing Brochure Website Creation Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Technical Training (Corporate) Do visit our website: http://www.8yolkstudio.com
  15. Where should I post if i am looking for a freelancer for one exterior rendering?
  16. It's not a hot news. It was happened in July, 2011. An ordinary 3d rendering aroused a hot debate "What kind of architecture the Shanghai Bund needs". The architectural rendering about the bund project was sent in microblog. It is a harmonica-shaped architecture, standing in "the world Expo of architectures", south of the bund. "The architecture style is strange and different from others. It cannot be involved in the landscape of the bund", many people hold negative attitude to the architecture. They thought it broke the old Shanghai style. No matter the architectural style is controversial, it is said that it will be completed in 2014.
  17. It was reported that in order to test insulation of paper, engineer and inventor Ellis Stenman in Massachusetts began to build paper house with waste newspapers in 1922. Surprisingly, besides the wall is made of papers, the furniture inside the architecture is also made of papers. 88 years have past, the house is as solid as it was except some outermost wall papers peeling off. Now the magic paper house has become architecture wonder of advocating environmental protection of life concept and local landmark tourist attractions. All the house walls are suppressed step by step with one paper and the other and reaches 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) thick. In order to prevent water leakage, Stenman coated walls with a layer of light waterproof lacquer. Let's see the furniture inside the house. The table, chairs, lamp holder even a piano are all made of papers and sturdy & durable. How to do this? He made a kind of bond with flour, water, and apple peels and bond newspapers together. Magic! Now the house is taken care of by Stenman's niece, Edna Beaudoin. At Stenman's time, there are not vogue words like "Low-carbon green" "recoverable garbage", etc., but Stenman has had environmental consciousness. He knew how to use recyclable material to build house. Now our technology is more advanced. We must design more and more "Low-carbon green" architecture. If there is some statistics or CAD, our company Frontop wants to draw the paper house 3d renderings and animation and let more people to see the house glamour.
  18. Studio/Institution: Frontop Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. Genre: Landscaping Software: 3ds max, vray Website: http://www.frontop.com Description: These days we have created several landscaping renderings. Share one with you.
  19. Studio/Institution: Frontop Digital Technology Co., Ltd Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3dmax Website: http://www.frontop.com Description: Share an interior architecutal rendering with u guys:p
  20. These are our recent works and to share with everyone on this platform,Your suggestions are welcome. Any suggestions will be helpful to us, and we will try to improve the work in the future. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46052[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46054[/ATTACH] Nicole Wang MSN:nicole860826@live.cn Email:nicole.w@ginsuncg.com www.ginsuncg.com
  21. Studio/Institution: OWN Client: Toro-Ferrer arquitectos Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Sketch up 8, Artlantis 3.1, Photoshop CS5 Description: Tres Picachos Residence, Puerto Rico. A residence in a tropical environment. Image 2, Render by: David Figueroa
  22. Studio/Institution: OWN Freelance Client: Clara Goitia Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Sketch up 8, Artlantis 3.1, Photoshop CS4 Description: Hi folks, here is a image for a project in Barrio Obrero, San Juan, Puerto Rico the Idea for the image is to make more an artistic view of the palce, any comments are welcome..... Thank's to all...... Render by: David Figueroa
  23. Studio/Institution: OWN Freelance Client: Veronica Rodriguez Genre: Institution Software: Sketch up 8, Artlantis 3.1, Photoshop CS5 Description: I hope you like it, An artistic view of the palce....!
  24. Studio/Institution: 2PM Visuals Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: ArchiCAD / Maxwell / Photoshop Website: http://www.2pm-visuals.co.uk Description: CGI we produced showing architect's design for recladding these buildings. Everything below first floor is photography. Everything from first floor and above is CG. Camera match had to be perfect to get new cladding system, windows, etc. to work with the existing photography. Getting the right level of gloss on the powder coated grey cladding panels, and photo-embedding the image were the main challenges with the job. Your comments & criticisms would be very welcome. Thanks
  25. Studio/Institution: OWN Freelance Client: Veronica Rodriguez Genre: Institution Software: Sketch up 8, Artlantis 3.1, Photoshop CS4 Description: My last image.... a remodeling hospital.. comments are welcome!
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