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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I am new user of these forums and over all new to architectural modeling. I am originally an animation student and most of my 3D work so far revolved around artistic modeling, for film and videogames and such. However, due to a job shortage in that field where I live, and the abundance of architectural 3D visualization jobs (and my need for a job as a fresh grad) I decided to look into getting more into that field and building a 3D visualizer portfolio. Basically, what I am asking for here is advice and over all guidance into how I can best get into this field, What softwares I NEED to know, how i should build my portfolio, how do I get 2D plans to practice building them in 3D, What are common Dos and Don'ts, etc I am quite familiar with 3Ds max, Substance painter, and Vray. but I have no experience with any CAD based programs apart from more artistically focused ones like Plasticity. So I'd also like to know what is a good resource for tutorials for things like Rivet (which seems to me to be the industry go to right now and what most job posts seems to ask for) Overall, any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Our 'newly-coined' company METAUREUS has 28+ years of experience in the fields of 3D & VR Hyper-Realistic, Top-Tier Presentations. Our mission is to create Top Quality, Hyper-Realistic 3D Presentations & Virtual Environments to help our clients to Expose, Market & Sell Projects in more contemporary, dynamic, appealing & efficient ways. Our Services: 1. KEY-OSKS®(=Gaming XP)* * Novel & Exclusive Offer: Now clients can FREELY MOVE & INTERACT through 3D models (or 'Digital Twins') like in 1st Person Video Games, choosing different materials, fixtures, decorations, colors & views. 2. VR Glasses* (=Gaming XP 2)*: Same options of the KEY-OSKS, but in even more immersive VR Glasses experiences. * Meta Quest Pro 3. 3D Models (Renderings)* * 'Digital Twins' 4. 3D Non-Interactive Animations: Walk-Throughs & Fly-Throughs 5. 3D 360° Panoramas 6. Photocompositions Here are some examples of our 3D renderings and animation work (link to video: https://metaureus.com/portfolio_page/3d-non-interactive-animations-hyper-realistic-interiors-new-tech/ ). See more on the Portfolio section of our website. www.METAUREUS.com e visit us!
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