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  1. For architectural visualization work, which render engine do you prefer? Vray for C4D or C4D Advanced Render? Why? I have been doing all of my rendering with C4D's Advanced Render and have been looking into Vray and thinking about possibly switching over.
  2. Hello, I published my experiences in migrating from 3ds Max to Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer in professional archviz, on my blog. The time I started using C4D there weren't many infos on the subject – I was relying on forum posts and social media to find out what it likes to convert. I thought my experiences may be worth sharing here, I hope someone might find it useful! Read part one here, if you're interested: http://bit.ly/2nQOFIp
  3. Hi! I´m an architect student, really new to this. Until now, I have made renders in the internal engine in ArchiCAD, and that´s about it. But now, I´d like to try something new. I have a Mac, and I realize that this eliminates a whole lot of options for what program(s) to use? Thought about Cinema 4D, but I also heard that Corona works with Mac now? Any recommendations? Also, my Mac is quite old, will it handle renderings on a more advanced program or do I have to upgrade? I have a MacBook Pro 15¨ 2011 with these specs: - 2 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 - AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256 MB Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB Will be using it for architectural visualizations, interiors, facades etc. Thank you, - Erik
  4. Hello everyone, Here is, finally after 4 years, new Grass Kit for Cinema 4D and Vray 3.4. This new version is drastically improved and it is done from scratch to be faster and to have better controls over grass creation. This version is not free, but if you wish you can still download GK 2 (previous version) from my Gumroad store... Here is link: https://gumroad.com/bossco All the best and fast renders...
  5. Hi all! Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 1 is out (and still free to use while in development, even commercially). Full details on the blog post Quick summary: New Additions Cinema 4D R19 fully supported Interactive Rendering now fully supported Native stacking of materials supported Shadowcatcher material added New improved sampler, for less noise in the same number of passes / same time Dispersion and Subsurface Scattering added to the Corona Material for more realism when required Render Selected Object functionality added Resume Render functionality added to VFB and native Picture Viewer Corona Image Editor added to the installer, for macOS and Windows Improvements LightMix “bake to scene” functionality greatly improved Team Render now close to fully functional (remaining limitations to be removed in Beta 2) A LOT of bug fixes! Download here! Thanks! Tom
  6. Hi guys. Can anyone advise me on whether it is still possible to match a 3D scene to a background photograph in Cinema 4D using points rather than perspective lines. 3DS max uses 'Campoints' which are quite effective (see this video ), and I'm aware that back before the camera calibration tag was introduced in R14, there was a third party plugin available for C4D from an outfit called Pano4D that also had this functionality (check out from about 2:25 onwards in this video ). The Pano4D plugin seems to be discontinued now and their website is inactive. The current system in the camera calibration tag that uses perspective lines may work well enough for basic 3D compositing, but I've found it to be very unreliable for accurately compositing architectural scenes, even into photographs that have identifiable x y and z axes. And in a situation where I have known / surveyed points in the photograph but no perspective lines, it is no use at all. If anyone knows of a current plugin for C4D that can match photos using points, or has another reliable methodology for this that they're willing to share, I'd love to hear from them. Thanks! Jeremy
  7. I meet a problem when I try to render an animation using vray for cinema 4d R15, all things look good in the 'Picture Viewer' of cinema, but when I check the image sequence from my output folder, I find they are all BLACK image, nothing was good except the last frame of the sequence. I guess there is some problem when cinema save the image sequence. In the beginning I thought maybe it was caused by IR map, so I turn off GI for a test, the problem still was there. After that I try to render in some different situation for test, then I got these: when I render a single frame (for a still image), I will get a normal result. when I render an animation sequence, e.g. a ball moving animation in 20 frames, I will get a normal sequence result. when I render an animation sequence with a vray physical camera, problem comes, image_0 until image_19 are all black, but image_20 is good. Then I delete the physical camera tag and give a try, Problem has gone. It looks like the vray physical camera can be a problem when render sequence. Anyone meet the same issue? Any solution? OS X 10.9.2 VRAY 1.8.0
  8. I’m an architecture student from the Dominican Republic that is planning to study for a master’s degree in Germany after I graduate. Given that my Dominican bachelor’s diploma won’t be valid for earning an architect’s license in Europe, I thought that I could start working as an architectural visualizer while I’m studying. I’ve chosen Germany because of the following factors: • I’m an advanced user of Vectorworks BIM software, and several people have told me it has some popularity in that country. • If I learn German language, I could also try working in Austria and Switzerland. • Germany has a good economic situation, thus a lot of architects (particularly Spanish) are migrating there. So, which software do you think I should start learning to use? 3ds Max (which I think is the most popular in all of the world) or Cinema 4D (the one most compatible with Vectorworks)? Which one of them could make it easier for me to get jobs as an employee or freelancer in Germany, or any other European countries? Thank you!
  9. Dear CGARCHITECT community members! Re-posting one of our old artist interviews - http://goo.gl/Ul3Bnz. We decided to publish a series of interviews showcasing our favourite Cinema 4D artists on our Renderfeed website. Drop us a note and let us know what you think. Also inform us if you know of any talented C4D artist who would like to get interviewed like above. Happy Reading! The Renderfeed Team
  10. Hi guys, I was hoping you could help me out please. I have some experience with C4D but I never did a project from scratch like this. - Modeling from 2D plans of a house and an apartment block . - 4 outdoor Rendered images of each. - Modeling and Rendering 8 furnished and decorated divisions. 4 rooms of an apartment and 4 of the house. ( Living room, kitchen , bathroom, bedroom ) - Rendering a 3D animation that visit all divisions and the outer space. Software: - Cinema 4D - V- Ray I need a idea for how long would it take and how much a project like this currently cost. Any tips are really appreciated! Cheers!
  11. hey all, very new to this board, but it seems like this place has a lot of knowledge. I work in c4d, and would like to do some arch. renderings. But am wondering about how to do more parametric design in an architecural setting, with cinema. I have done some research and seems like Fusionthing or Paracloud GEM are two options, but it there really isn't any info on them since about 2009. Are they still being supported? The paracloud website isn't even working. Anyway, I guess I am just looking for anyone who has come across this question before, and how it was handled. thanks in advance! mb
  12. Hello, dear members and web travellers! I hope somebody can tell me how to create gravitation in Cinema 4D. I already searched the manual as well as the internal help files for information but there is literally no content in this matter. Even on these forums there is only one site to be found when looking for this term. As far as I have experiemented with Dynamics and other features so far, I think XPresso or some other scripting method is the only solution but I have too little experience with these. Anyway I am looking forward to helpful replies thanks a lot Fagotti
  13. Hi guys! We recently interviewed Mark where he speaks about his work, childhood and his own way of creating art! He goes on to tell us how he balances his life being a teacher and working on his personal projects. Read this complete conversation here - http://goo.gl/oIyGOL Happy reading, The Renderfeed Team
  14. why does rendering using vray for 3ds max take longer than vray for c4d. the same scene of a single project took 1:33:21 to render in vray for 3ddsmax and 14min in vray for c4d. can anyone ex plane to me how or any one has come across this situation . i almost used the same render settings in both conditions
  15. Dear community members! We've just published the 4th of a series of interviews with talented C4Dartists. This time we are profiling Chaotic Atmospheres: http://renderfeed.com/2014/06/renderfeed-artist-profile-chaotic-atmospheres/ Happy reading, Your Renderfeed team
  16. Hello everyone! We've just published the 3rd of a series of interviews with talented C4D artists. This time we are profiling Spanish Cinema 4D designer Berd: http://renderfeed.com/2014/05/renderfeed-artist-profile-berd/ We hope you like this interview. Please take a look when you get the chance! Thank you and have a great weekend, The Renderfeed Team
  17. We’ve all been there: the deadline is looming and your project isn’t done yet! Not to worry! With the new Renderfeed On Demand service, you can render your C4D files at any time of the day, any day of the year, and at costs as low as 35c USD per core hour! Pay as you go - simply purchase as many credits as you need for your project, install our easy to use plugin, which has recently been upgraded to Cinema 4D R15 and VRAYforC4D 1.8, and you are good to go! For more details, visit us at Renderfeed: http://renderfeed.com/signup/. Thanks for listening, CGArchitect community! Keep up the awesome work and we look forward to helping you get your jobs done quickly and easily in the future! John Tucker
  18. Hello everybody, that's my first post after having followed this community for some time as a visitor. So thank you all for having me here! I'm opening this thread to get some feedback about the rendering workflow I want to reach. I'm a Sketchup user, and for many reason I decided to make Skp my 3d modeling tool. I have been using Vray for Sketchup for some time getting good results and falling in love with the possibility of rendering the model inside of Sketchup. But now I am facing, as many people do, the limits of using a 32bit software, being unable to manage complex geometries, spending hours waiting for my render to start, etc. (that's an old topic!) Even though I know that the new Vray 2.0 for Sketchup features proxies and a real time rendering engine, I want to try a new workflow, creating most of my model in Sketchup and exporting it to an other software (and therefore rendering it there, or if needed adding some complex objects like trees, etc.). Everything still using Vray if possible. So I was thinking about two options: - 3DS MAX + Vray (e.g. 3ds max 2013): I've never used 3ds before, but I know it's a solid software used worldwide. - CINEMA 4d + Vray (e.g. C4D release 15): I've already used C4D for rendering with it's own engine, but never tried with vray. What is the best choice for you in terms of rendering quality (I aim to photorealistic rendering)? What's your own experience about this kind of workflow? My "dream" would be being able to apply and map the textures with sketchup and then work on reflections, refractions, etc. with Vray inside the rendering software. Is it possible? (I tried with 3ds but I still haven't figured out the proper way) Thanks, Francesco
  19. Hi all, I'm hoping that someone out there can help me out with a problem that I'm having creating a material for coca-cola. The problem I'm now having is with the Cola liquid. I can't get it to have a brown/black glow like an image that I've seen. Ideally I want to replicate this effect on my own model. Can anyone help to advise me how to go about it? I have C4D R13 and Vray to work with. I have no idea if this is something achieved by lighting, Vray or another method. I've been scouring the web but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards. MikeV
  20. What resources are you using to create vegetation (trees, grass, plants, etc) in Cinema 4D?
  21. Hello all, I'm working on a supermarket interior walkthrough and I'm getting a strange effect every few frames as the camera moves along its track. The attached consecutive frames show this and I've tried a few things like blocking out light sources and adjusting render setting with no luck. Anyone hazard a guess at what's causing it or seen something like it before? I'm in the process of changing the ceiling lights and if anyone has any suggestions on what type they should be are very welcome. Appreciate you might need some more info on the rest of the scene so please ask away! Cheers, Anth
  22. Hi, You can download free c4d audi a3 on my blog. Link01 Link02 Share it !
  23. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Sketchup, Cinema4d, Vue, Photoshop Description: Hi guys, this is my latest personal project, all comments welcome!
  24. Studio/Institution: Just practice Client: N/A Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Cinema 4D, Corel PhotoPaint. Description: Please forgive the quality of this render, I'm a full-time novice and this is my first post on CGarchitect. I've been teaching myself cinema 4d for 2 months now, and this is my first exterior render. Please comment.
  25. Studio/Institution: GWJ Architecture Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Cinema 4D, Vray; Photoshop Website: http://www.gwj.ch Description: Hello there, heres a Concept viz i did last week. Time sced was really short (as usual) so there was not much space for any details, it was just to show the main concept and idea of the building. The different colors stand for different shops in the building. greets Yama
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