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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Blender Community! I hope I am following etiquette and that I am posting in the right group. I would like to suggest the Cloud Rendering solutions for Blender, to helps creators make use of the hardware and create high definition images, videos, and even 3D complex models. You can sign up for the beta at https://iblender.net/, and enjoy free rendering for a limited time (From 1 March 2020 to 1 May 2020). Join the beta and you will receive access to a dedicated personal account, and 100$ of free credits so that you can start exploring our platform and services. iBlender Features: - Estimated Job/ Frame Runtimes - Thumbnails & Logs - Preview thumbnail - Visualize rendering process - Real-time monitoring - Render farm for Blender Only - Environmental responsibility What we currently support: - Render on an application on Windows - Suited for individuals, freelancers, small studios - Render Blender projects on both CPU or GPU - Most of the mainstream and renderers of Blender: Cycles, Eevee, Vray, Corona, - Octane, RenderMan. Please create a support ticket via an application if you need other plugins. Packed Blend files: We now only support to render your packed files before uploading to the app. Packing a Blender project makes sure all external assets are included, then save it in a particular folder. What the future holds? (after 15th April 2020) - We will support on Windows, MAC, Linux OS. - Web-rendering is in-development progress, we plan to release in the early of this second quarter. - We will support both packed and unpacked Blend files. - Benefits to you: Tons of free hours on a render farm to render your files: we accept to pay for your rendering, in the verse we hope to hear more feedback from you. Note: Please keep in mind that the service is currently in beta-mode (this being the only external announcement so far!), My advice is that you should test with a few frames for the first time to see if it renders correct, then heavy ones with more frames. Contact us: Website: http://www.iblender.net Email: support@irender.net Skype: iRender Support Thank you!
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