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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, We have a client that's threatening legal action because we're refusing to hand over our 3d models to them. Despite my explanation of how copyright law works (here in the UK) she insists that because we worked from their CAD files they own the copyright to all imagery and models we produce. This is clearly not true, and I've steadfastly refused to hand them over in order to protect the interests of ourselves and everyone in this industry. Has anybody else had situations like this? Would be comforting to know we're not the only ones!
  2. A client has requested I use a specific artists painting in a CGI. I'm not sure how or if this would be infringing the artists copyright? I wondered if anyone else had pondered this issue? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, I work as an in-house Architectural Visualiser, and just wanted to share this story with you. Last year I was working on a Design Approval submission for a project in New Zealand and prepared the image attached. Much of my work involves design development rather than producing market material. During the design of this particular building, I was instructed to stick some kind of lifestyle graphic in the section which is dotted in red. The suggestion was to put something in to do with Queenstown where the project is located. So after a quick Google image search I found numerous photos of a person doing a bungy jump, and stuck it on. The image could have been anything, simply to indicate that a graphic of some kind would eventually go in that space. As you can see the image attached is not particularly great, and was only intended to be used in-house, and shown to the Client. At this point I had not even bothered to stick in a background image given its WIP nature. It was also done essentially for free (but I won't go into that). Months later I found out that the Client had published this picture in a small Queenstown newspaper without our knowledge. The Photographer who took the picture of the bungy jumper saw this and sent my company in Australia a bill for $7000 for use of his image. I and several others in our office regarded this as extortion, however the management staff decided to pay this guy. The photographer in question has been boasting on his Facebook page that he was on the case with this image and that he had found it on 125 other web sites, and these people were going to receive an email. I'm guessing that like myself, most of these people did't see any copyright info on this particular image, or see any Meta data indicating who the author was. I should have known better, but I write this as a cautionary tale in case someone else finds themselves in a similar situation.
  4. Hi all! One of our work (http://www.cgarchitect.com/2012/09/modern-villa2) has been stolen and used without permission or copyright in this website http://apexsmartcontrol.com/ (the 8th image). I wrote the email address of the website but no responses taken. Also contacted the person who has designed website. He responds back where he say it is not his responsibility the website's content but only the develop and design, but hi give me the email of the owner of the website. I wrote to him but no respons! What can i do?
  5. Does anyhone have any insight in copyright laws pertaining to a showreel from work done during previous employment? I'd like to post a 2 minute showreel on a personel portfolio site (not linked too my new business website) - which will have a selection of approx 15 jobs I did over a 4 year period at my old job. Given that: I'd credit my old company All the footage is already out in the public realm It would only be short sections of each job - eg 10% of any given animation Since its not on my new company website I'm not promoting my new business with it Am I withing my rights to post it? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Guys I haven't been out of the 'rendering' business for about 5 years now, since I joined Autodesk... but: I got an email from some guy trying to drum up business for himself. I had no idea what he did, or who he was, so I checked out his website that was listed on his email. And lo and behold his website contains my renderings! That he never paid for and that he never even asked to use! In essence, they are stolen: The renderings are the ones on the left: http://www.dymonddesignonline.com I never gave any rights to any of my former clients, to convey usage rights to other parties. My contracts I used in the past, were pretty iron clad. So I emailed him about it, and he thinks it's fine that he has the right to use them. What a PRICK! What else can I do, besides threatening him with a Lawyer? Chris Johnson
  7. I've asked the higher-ups a few times about posting renderings on websites like CG Architect. I explained that the company name would be included and aside from possibly improving my abilities through constructive criticism, it would also be free advertising. I never get a response. Do I need approval to post my renderings online? Is it something I need to look for in my employment contract? Or is it just not allowed unless I get approval?
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