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Found 22 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Paride, architect and professional archviz artists based in the UK. Working in the UK for more than 5 years in the visualisation industry, I decided to create a platform where clients and artists can meet and collaborate. This place is now live at cgiFinder and it's welcoming 3D talents from all over the world. It's a safe place to collaborate following a pre-established set of revisions, so forget about working forever on a project, and be safe with our escrow payments. If you want to know more about this journey, you have any feedback and just want to say "hi", check our website or get in touch. https://cgifinder.com info@cgifinder.com
  2. Hi guys, need your advice. Worked as an architect and interior designer in Russia. Couple years ago switched to 3d visualization. Half year ago, left Russia because of war in Ukraine, and violent regime in my country. Currently, in Turkey. Had some remote job in Russia, but unfortunately amount of work ended. Here I am looking for a remote job. Here is a couple of question I would like to know about industry. I will be appreciated for your help. 1)What is the best way to find a remote permanent or freelance job as a 3d visualizer? Do you know any useful resources? 2)Do I have the skills to get a job? Here is the link to my portfolio https://www.behance.net/pole_interior 3)On what money can I count on ( ?/h in Europe or USA) 4)Is it ok to send portfolio directly to interior companies/ visualization companies? 5)Heard about Upwork and Fiverr. Maybe you can suggest other platform for 3d freelancers? Had a difficulty with Upwork. Pretty hard to get first job there. As it seems, it is impossible to start earning fast. Can't get first project because you have no reviews, you have no reviews because you have no projects accomplished. ) Fiverr seems even less perspective. Maybe I am wrong, just my experience. Thank you.)
  3. Question for freelance archviz artists! Let's say I wanna start my archiviz company and most of my work will happen online because I have potential clients from different countries... Where to implant my company? What is the smart choices regarding all the administrative stuff, taxes...?
  4. Greetings! The possibility of offering an animation to a client is presenting itself to me, but I need to provide an estimate to see if it would be financially feasible for them. I understand that animations are priced out either as a flat fee or by the minute or second. This would likely be a 30-60sec animation, so maybe I'd be looking at a $/sec figure. Does anyone know of what a rough figure would be for a small studio would charge for that? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I've just finished up at uni in the last week and I'm looking at starting my own business in arch vis. For anyone who has gone through this process, is there anything you wish you knew when you started that you now know/wish someone had told you earlier? Thanks, Jayden
  6. I'm looking to get started as a freelancer in architectural vis, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hey All, I work full time at a design/build firm and want to start up my own freelance illustration business on the side (yes, I am already approved by my office to do this kind of work on the side). I searched through some threads but can't find anything too recent on this subject. I'm just wondering what people use for accounting software, taxes, etc. At this point I am a single person operation with a registered LLC. My two contending options are WaveApps or QuickBooks Online. I realize there are a gazillion options out there, so just trying to narrow it down as much as possible. Anyone else in a similar position - what do you use? Thanks!
  8. Guest

    Looking for a job

    Hey all, I recently completed my small portfolio and am currently looking for a freelance type of job in (architecture) 3D visualizations, if you're interested to work with me, then please contact me on my e-mail fico97@windowslive.com Here's my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/fico976939
  9. Hello there! I'm looking to upgrade my freelancing computer from an ancient i5-760 (quad, no HT, 2.8Ghz), and I'm having trouble deciding between these two chips: 6700K, 32GB, 4 cores at 4.0Ghz, for $611 USD. 5820K, 32GB, 6 cores at 3.3Ghz, for $733 USD. I'm looking to do the following: - Modeling with 3DSMax/Zbrush - Texture work with Photoshop/Quixel - Rendering interiors and products with VRay - Use VRay RT for lighting testing and look dev. - Work with realtime engines (and some VR) in Unity and Unreal. - Some video editing and 3D compositing. - A bit of animation rendering. - Bit of gaming, but I know either is just as good for this. I've read here and in other places that both chips are very comparable, in spite of the different core count, but does this hold true when we consider these other purposes? The Corona benchmarks still place the 5820K above the 6700K, and chances are the French VRay benchmark out there that suggests otherwise isn't taking into account that Light Cache is singlethreaded, and that tip the result in the 6700K's favor. As it is right now I've basically been avoiding CPU rendering as my GTX970 can do it much faster, but I've also run into its limitations quickly when it comes to interiors. Baking textures for realtime objects with my current cpu also poses some problems, some simple models can take 22 minutes for one of several passes in xNormal, making iterations an absolute pain. In the case of large VRay renderings, I don't have access to a render farm, so I'm thinking of using a cloud rendering solution when the need arrives, regardless of the chip. However, I'd like to be able to rely on my system, even if it involves waiting for a while. I can't afford a dual Xeon machine either. For a variety of reasons, I can't risk my equipment by overclocking. RMA's are next to impossible to carry out, temperatures in summer easily reach 40°C, and I don't have access to air conditioning. Therefore, I need to keep it safe, and can't consider OCing the 5820K to 4Ghz. I understand most of what I'll actually be doing is single-threaded work, but a lot of what I do is also multi-threaded. However, is it enough to favor going for the slower 6-core? I might sound like I'm deciding for the 5820K, but I'm really not sure. Which of these two do you think would be the better option for me? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  10. How about using Polycount's idea of an Un-Paid thread where people offer you chances to contribute to their projects in exchange for experience/resume building?uin
  11. Hi there- I'm a writer with a background in both screenwriting and architecture as well. I noticed the majority of job posts were for 3D visualization artists. Is it typical for a firm to have a writer in-house to create a script, are they hired on a freelance basis or how is it typically structured? Appreciate any info. Thanks!
  12. Hi All, I run a CGI studio, and from time to time we need to bring in someone into the studio to assist on certain aspects of Arch Viz, Images, this can range from modelling to lighting and rendering, using Max and Vray, I have looked at the Job board here but I was wondering where would be the best place to seek out Freelancers to work with us on this site. We are based in North Wiltshire UK, and would ideally like someone to come to the studio and work with our team or at least to come in to take the brief and then go away and work on the necessary components. Many Thanks in advance Mark
  13. Hi I'm an arch student thinking about doing some freelance visualisations. These are renders I've done for a uni project of mine and I'm wondering what kind of rates or flat fee's i should be charging for renders of similar quality.
  14. What's the best way to determine my hourly rate for modeling, lighting, and rendering a project? I like the idea of it being based on my cost of living but It seems like that may not be ideal for all situations. http://www.lunarlog.com/what-prices-to-charge-as-a-freelancer-or-artist/ Ultimately, I'd like to have a "formula" for pricing that everything can be based on. Of course there will be anomalies every once and a while and the rules are bent.
  15. Hi, I have a few renderings - interior and exterior, that need to be done in a week. I can provide you with the 3d model. Please forward me your portfolio and we will take it from there.
  16. Where should I post if i am looking for a freelancer for one exterior rendering?
  17. Studio/Institution: Coggins-Hill Genre: Residential Interior Software: SketchUP, Vue Studio Website: http://www.building-futures.eu Description: Render produced for a private swimming pool interior. Fully modelled in SketchUp and textured and rendered in Vue Studio. Vue is not particularly suited to building interiors so this render took a long time to do both in creation and render time. I would do it differently given a second chance but provided here to gain some valuable feedback. All feedback will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  18. Hello All! I have just joined the community and I am looking forward to being part of the community. I am a British Chartered Architectural Technologist with over 20 years experience in the UK construction industry, now working freelance and pushing out into the realms of Architectural visualisation. I currently use AutoCAD / SketchUp Pro for 3D modelling and Vue Studio and Lumen RT for creating architectural visuals. I am also dabbling in CG visuals outside the realm of architecture and am looking forward to adding "Mudbox" and "Showcase" from the recently acquired Autodesk Design Suite to the workflow. I have a reasonable set of tools at my disposal …I just need the commissions now. =)
  19. Studio/Institution: AOC4 studio Client: Carlise Development Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Sketchup, Fotosketcher,Photoshop Website: http://aoc4.blogspot.com/ Description: A NPR rendering of a model house ..... allanx
  20. So recently I have been getting a decent amount of Freelance offers and need some help! I need to make a contract and know enough to start one, but wanted to hear from anyone here that has made one if there are any tips you have or a template you followed or anything! Thanks!
  21. I'm new in the world of arch viz (just graduated from architecture school) and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to go about freelancing. I'm not sure how to build up contacts and find work for myself. I've seen a lot of job posting/freelancing websites out there, but I was wondering if that was really the route to take since it seems so saturated with my hungry peers. I understand that there is probably no secret untapped resource for me to use to gain an advantage, but there's got to be a more targeted way to find work. I thought that those who have a little experience in the matter might have some wisdom to bestow to the naive and inexperienced.
  22. Not sure if this was the right place to post this, but I did a job in late May, sent out the invoice on June 5th. Two "bank" errors and two bounced checks later I still have not been compensated. Now I've been told it'll be another few weeks before they receive more funds. Just wanted some advice as to what options I have or should take soon. And, yes, I sent them the final images on the day of their meeting. I didn't think it would come to this, they are a fairly large company with offices in New York, Austin, and Los Angeles. I even spoke to the president of the company in New York and he said that if the funds were in the Austin branch, then they couldn't cut the check. I can't believe that a company this size isn't still cutting paychecks every two weeks. Thanks.
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