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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, an odd thing happened to me recently: a photography agent contacted me to ask if i was interested to publish two specific renderings with the help of a well known photo-gallery (YellowKorner). He said that i ll get the 10% of the sales, and he will take the 25% and told me about statistics etc etc the problem is that the two renderings were made for a client of mine (a lost competition by the way). the thing i want to ask you is: do i ve the right to sell my renderings to others ? It's a product of mine, but i sold it to my client. I never signed a contract of intellectual proprierty with him, but it's a good client, he gives me some work frequently and i don't want to risk to loose him. what do you think ? thanks!
  2. Hey all, I have a dilemma: my company has done a number of projects for both advertising firms representing real estate developers and architects. One of my clients in particular, an ad firm, started positioning itself as a leader in VR Tours locally. Basically, my relationship with them has been that they do the websites and ad campaigns, and I do all 3D animations. In return for giving me the work, I have always given them a 15% commission. Recently, they came out with a new website for their firm and put VR Tours in both the Service and Portfolio sections of the site. As you may have guessed, they put all the animation work we did for them in those sections without giving us credit. Since our contracts say that we own the copyrights and portfolio rights, this was clearly a violation of the contract. After telling them that, they proposed adding tag-lines that say the work was developed by both companies. Again, I don't like that solution. I'm willing to allow them to show the work, but all they have to do is give my company credit for creating the animations. They won't budge, so now I'm getting the lawyers involved. At $200 an hour, this could get expensive. Thoughts? What would the rest of your 3D visualizers do? Thanks in advance for your ideas. ~Chris
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