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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I've updated my Vray recently from 3.6 to Vray Next and since then i'm having some weird issue that i see some fix black and white image when i render my scene from any angle. i've also tried to change my render engines but it shows some different angle that doesn't even have the camera and its also same from any camera positions. I'm uploading vray and quick silver hardware render to show you so please help me get rid of it.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm having a bit of a nightmare with distributed rendering. I've got Override mlt on, with glass excluded for this test pass. The glass is very basic, just a transparent material with Max's falloff map in the reflect channel. Could anyone tell me why the difference in the results? Thank you https://ibb.co/ciR5dH
  3. Hello, I am using the Max 2017 with the latest update. I am looking for a word of advise on an issue that I am having with my current project.. The scene that is around 150 mb is taking 20 min to open.. and another 20 min to save.. Merging or coping is the same.. xrefs too. I tried the following: Retimers clean - no result I tried the following scripts: Cleaner - no results I tried the following scrip : trackViewNodes[#Max_MotionClip_Manager].track = copy trackViewNodes[#Max_MotionClip_Manager].track (after saving and trying to re open the file max crashes - no result) The file when it saves does get stuck on the 32 kb for a while.. but I think that is 'compress on save'. I tried to re open the scene in 2016 - the same isssue I tired to open it on different machine - the same result Part of the geometry was imported from sketch up.. but that didnt cause any problems at the begining of the project. I have proxied everything, and everything is asset tracked to one place. Any suggestions how to get it to work? I noticed the scene is also consuming a lot of RAM when opening. Thank you in advance
  4. Hello everyone. While rendering an interior scene in 3ds max I stumbled upon an issue which drives me nuts. I have two lights – first is a vray dome with included HDRI and second is a vray sphere light. I animated the intensity of the latter so it reminds a bit of a candle. At some values though the sphere produces black glitches or some other weird artifacts. I uploaded this to give you a better idea. Artifacts seem most annoying on the chair fragment in the foreground and two stacked chairs in the background. After turning on render elements: RawGI, RawReflection and RawLight black splotches can be seen in the last one. I tried upping all subdivs that I know of to no avail. Also removing reflection map and replacing it with just a generic reflection doesn't change much. From what I see problems appear on my reflective wood surfaces only. The black artefacts disappear only when a) I turn 'store with irradiance map' under the sphere light b) when I remove the diffuse texture from my wood material (clean RawLight element) c) switch off 'shadows' under vray global settings I am thinking maybe I have erased some image data while editing the diffuse texture in photoshop and this screws up the render? The image looks allright at first glance though. I will enclose more screens soon – first just wanted to know what would you like to see first? Thanks for getting to this point!
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