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Found 5 results

  1. I've just started with Max 2016, and I've a few problems with the changes. When I'm in the layers I can't turn off a column of seperate layers by holding down the shift key, they have to be turned of individually. This can't be reverted? Also when I select an object, the corrosponding layer automatically opens and displays every object on that layer. Again, can this be changed? I don't need to see this. Half the time I'm in layers I'm simply turning things off I didn't need on in the first place, quite infuriating.
  2. Heya All, Having some issues with a series of Max renders at the moment. We have a master file that uses a bunch of Max XREF Scene files. This master file is then used to set off a series of renders where each render has a unique set of separate layers hidden and unhidden. Overall the master file has close to 250 Layers (all from their various XREF scenes). For some reason the render images always have one or two layers (randomly) appearing where they shouldn't - ie.. they were hidden in the master file for that render but show up in the render anyway. All renders are submitted to a net render/back-burner job - so essentially the master file at the time of render is saved with the set of layers correctly hidden or unhidden before being distributed and re-opened on whatever render node that is assigned. We have checked the saved scene from the job and on random occasions when opening that file, we get some random hidden or un-hidden layers. We have made sure all XREF files have unique layer names - as there is a small paragraph in the MaxScript doco that details an issue with naming layers testing for uniqueness (which is in contrast to Max's crazy 'you can name me non-unique names whenever you like'). We have made sure there are no hidden layers in each XREF File and that there are no empty layers. We have worked with a fresh scene and Imported the relevant XREF's from scratch and still the problem persists. We are about to try and merge all XREF's into one file then make a new scene and XREF that merged master scene into it. The reason we need to use an XREF for the render is that the master scene file is over 500Mb in size (merged) and setting the renders off is extremely slow with large scene files... not to mention the pipeline issues of iteration on the work. Has anyone had similar issues of Layers from XREF scenes appearing or not appearing in a network render in Max? All suggestions welcome Thanks, D.
  3. I've been trying to find a good answer everywhere, and as of yet, haven't found one. I'd just like to be able render out separate passes for each major element in a scene with everything else matte and then composite them back together in post. Ie/ One pass for cars, one pass for ground elements, one pass for trees etc. My problem is that when I render these layers out with everything else matte, the GI isn't the same as if everything was in the scene and it doesn't look as good. AND, I can't seem to get just a straight shadow pass that overlays the layer beneath it. The big reason I'd like to do this is I'm faced with extremely tight deadlines left, right and centre, and as much as it would take extra effort to set it up this way, if there was a mistake on one layer (say a single car amongst others zooming by far too quickly by accident) I'd be able to just re-render the cars and not the entire scene. If anyone has info on how to do this I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to find out how i can render an animation in SU 7 with VRay. I have multiple scenes where only the visibillity of layers change, so the view is static. When i render the scenes they al are the same as the first scene, so the layers do not switch on and off. Someonde familiar with this problem? Greetings, Hasselaar_nl.
  5. Hello i am very new to all this so i need some help please I am trying to create the glass material with the metal stripes on it, I cant get the stripes metal color and the glass transparent... Do i have to create 2 layers one for glass and another somehow with the stripes and transparent background but i dont know how to do this? o there is another way? I hope somebody will read my post and will help me thank you so much
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