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Found 3 results

  1. Newbie here. These are my first two VRay renders (hence keeping it simple) Light looks fine on my mac and everywhere I upload them, but not here, they are really dark. I am assuming there is some gamma issue but cannot workout what could it be. Do you know of any references where I could look up info about gamma correction workflow with C4D/VRay? Thanks!
  2. I recently did some work for an Architectural Visualisation company. I was in their office for four days, and had been tasked with making small changes to a large scene, then setting up cameras and rendering views. The scene was a shopping mall, with many objects. Despite, evidence of good modelling skills, the guys previously working on this scene had clearly spared no thought to scene management. It was a minefield: few layers, many objects, inconstantly named (if at all), broken Xrefs links, etc. ... I could go on; it was an appalling scene to have dumped on one's lap. Anyway having spent time organising the scene enough to actually work on it (and got the FPS up a little), I was faced with (what for me was) an even more frustrating problem: Gamma Ignorance. Sure, they had got good renders out of the scene before, and I could have (and probably should have) stuck with their settings. But it just went against everything I have been soaking up about good practice. Relighting and re-texturing the scene may well have been necessary to get pleasing results if I was to do it "properly". Well, there was no time for that, with the line manager frequently requesting the next image for mark-ups to be submitted within the hour. So I did as they asked, hated every minute of it, got paid, and left vowing to never accept work from them again. Have you had similar experiences? - To me, the wilful ignorance of the Gamma issues, meant that the artists were "working hard" not "working smart". What do you think?
  3. Hi everybody, I have an interior scene with VRaySun and VRaySky and some Skyportals, I use a standard camera but with VRay Exposure Control in the Environment Dialogue and I render either with Gamma in the Color Mapping rollout set to 1.0 or 2.2 with the Don't affect colors (adaption only) option ticked. I like using the HSV exponential Color Mapping type because it brings back the blue colors in the sky and makes the antialiasing of the edges around very bright areas a lot smoother. But all these color mapping related things, Color Mapping (anyone that is not Linear multipy), Exposure Control, VRayPhysicalCamera messes with the pixel values and breaks the Linear Workflow right? So when compositing render elements or, render layers/passes these need to be disabled to keep everything linear in the compositor, right?? Thanks, cheer! //Kristoffer
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