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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone, I want to know how to Make a skin shader with maxwell. I try too much but I couldn't. Shader that I want is a negro skin . I search a lot and find something that i want to be in maxwell render. Here is a image to know what I really want:
  2. Anyone have any ideas on how to get 3ds max to show objects with transparent maxwell materials as transparent in the viewport? (other than making the object see-through)
  3. Hello everyone, Our 3d artist works with Maya and Maxwell. Recently we bought Cinema 4d. Management would like that we do not see a difference in our renderings in Maya and Cinema 4d. Is it possible to have the same type of rendering like the image below with the physical render, for example? We have the R15 Cinema 4d visualize.
  4. Hi all Does anyone use a scattering plugin for 3ds Max (MultiScatter, Forest Pro, VRayScatter, Carbon Scatter, ...) being compatible with Maxwell Render? Thanks in advance
  5. The stand-in lines that represent the blades of grass aren't showing up in 3ds max, but the grass still renders after sending to maxwell. Is anyone else having problems with this plugin?
  6. Hope this is in the right forum [moderators feel free to move] I am an architecture student and do all my modelling on Revit due to the fact that we need to generate building documentation of all our designs too. Not to sound arrogant but i know my way around revit pretty well. So my workflow is as follows: Revit - Sketchup, render in Maxwell for sketchup - photoshop post processing This workflow works fine if you only have geometrical shapes, otherwise the import in sketchup is very dodgy and you spend a lot of time fixing (remodelling) parts of your model. So I want to start using 3ds max for my renders, due to the improved revit - 3ds workflow in 2013 i read about. (Native revit file importing). I would also like to stay on Maxwell since i know how to use it pretty well too. So my question is: If i only want to use 3ds max for rendering and not modelling, will I have to spend a lot of time learning 3ds max from scratch? Im doing a thesis next year and dont have time to learn a complex program from start to finish. I do have some time over xmas holidays to get to know the 3ds max + maxwell workflow.
  7. My work are about to purchase Maxwell Render Suite for me to use alongside SketchUp Pro 8. I've already had a go at the free plugin that can be used inside SketchUp, but I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers towards where would be a good place to learn about the Render Suite from the ground up? Cheers all www.wix.com/willow1303/portfolio
  8. Google sketchup 8 pro, Maxwell 2.6 with sketchup plugin 2.6 Some objects from Google warehouse are not showing up in Maxwell render? I can't figure out why as I can see them in sketchup scene. Does anyone have any idea about this? Thanks in advance .
  9. any of you folks tried making a latex balloon material before? here's what I'm talking about: [ATTACH=CONFIG]44357[/ATTACH]
  10. to all those of you who use the 3ds max plugin, how do you go about high-poly objects without having ram usage blow up, i was recently working on this urban exterior scene, supposedly a busy street around the rush hour, with around 10 high-poly cars along with some onyxtree bushes through Tree storm (used random seed variation) and all that added up to a grand total of 4 GB of ram for 3ds max!
  11. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany - digital essences Client: non-commercial - For a contest Genre: Landscaping Software: 3ds max, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Website: http://pure3d.de Description: I did this image as an entry for the Ronen Bekerman contest which ended some time ago. The task was basically to present the NGA House in a landscape environment and use Maxwell Renderer. I ended up with a sunset theme and worked with warm colors and silhouettes like the power-lines but also with the cows and my maize models in the forground. The maize is a simple game-model which I use for m real-time projects too. So it doesn't need to be high-poly everytime. The house is lit with some IES lights using some lighter colors. I placed the couple and ZDepth during post in Photoshop. Maybe I missed the focus a bit and overdid with colors. But all in all I like the image and my girlfriend did too.
  12. Hi ! Im trying to render with maxwell plugin in rhino and the grass doesnt seem to get any realistic look. I set up the displacement height at 0.5 offset 0.1 and precision at 90 and the results are bad ... I tried a lot of settings and all seems to be bad ... Oh and i get that white area on the right.. I dont know where that result from...Can anyone give me a tip on how to set up the grass ? Thnx very much ( And pard my French ) check the links to understand better my problem http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm61/stol2004/album/27.png http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm61/stol2004/album/Untitled.png http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm61/stol2004/c.png [ATTACH=CONFIG]36928[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]36929[/ATTACH]
  13. I'm using the plugin for Rhino, every time I render I get the message maxwell.exe has stopped responding, click to close. I'm using the 64 bit on a windows 7 64 bit machine. any one have any ideas?? thank you
  14. Im new at this, so I need help. When I export my model from skethup to maxwell the following error pops-up: ERROR: - UVW channels ( 1 ) on object "Obj_Color_008" not enough for material "Color_008" ERROR: - Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue ERROR: - Render Failed Any help would be apreciated Thanks:)
  15. Hi I am an architecture student who needs help before a review. I am using rhino with a maxwell plugin. All I am trying to do is add an image to a maxwell material which I can then tile and make transparent so I can just see the objects behind it. I have tried every option from reflectance, transmittance, nd, roughness, attenuation and mapping the image in each category with no results. All I would like to know is what are the settings and steps to map a jpeg image into a material and then have it be transparent (the same transparency level as like a photoshop image at 70 percent opacity). The surface has no thickness but can go up to 1" if it has to have a thickness for attenuation or whatnot. I really appreciate the help this could save my tons of hours photoshopping. Thanks
  16. Hi everyone. I'm in the final stages (7 days left) of my project and I need to find out how to give my building a surface so that it appears like metal cladding. Ideally it would look something like the included image once rendered out in Maxwell. I don't absolutely need to be able to get close enough to see the seams but detailed enough to be able to see what it is. I have lots to do still so ideally it would just be a question of a texture. If so, where would be the best place to look? Similarly I have some panels that are of the same material but perforated such that renders would let light through it. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Best regards, Teo
  17. 07.2008 A team work with Mehmet Satiroglu (scene design and modelling). I've worked on (modeling development, texturing, lighting, post-production) * 3D Studio Max 2008 (maxwell 1.70) modelling, texturing, lighting. * Vue6xStream Plants * Maxwell Studio rendering * Photoshop Maps 4 textures and Postproduction The original work is 1600x1000px. each render. Approximately 2 weeks with a non-regular study on it. All C&C are wellcome
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