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Found 10 results

  1. Good Afternoon All! I have a question for you, my fellow professionals. I realise that this group is a place for us to showcase our work, but my question is slightly off topic as it regards the hardware that you use. I’m looking to build a new PC that can cope with very high polygon counts in SketchUp and also be able to render using VRay 2.0. I have an approximate budget of £1100 ($1650 or €1550). Whilst researching potential components; I found that there were plenty of gamers that suggest one part or another, but us SketchUp/3DS/VRay modellers/renderers are somewhat of a rarer breed, with different needs from our PCs and this is why I value your opinions so highly! My intentions are to go for an Intel i7-5930k processor (to take advantage of their Hyperthreading technology), does anybody use this and/or recommend an equivalent CPU that is of better value? In terms of RAM, I have been told to not look for anything less than 16gb. For a final render, what sort of RAM usages do you tend to achieve? Many thanks to you all and apologies for the long post! Dan
  2. Hi everyone..i need some advice I use Rhino 5 and Vray I upgraded my ram to 32 GB today but cant seem to set the Dynamic Memory Limit higher than 8192?! When I render my usage maxes at 15.5 gb which is what it was before installing the ram.. The ram is there and pc has picked it up etc but vray doesnt seem to realise its changed.. How do i get it to wake up so i can burn through more ram etc? any assistance would be amazing
  3. Hello Everyone, I recently came across a situation while using VRAY 1.5. When rendering files sized 1gb+ on machine: Ram:12gb, CPU - i7, 322ghz It slows down like anything. 10 hours to reach 1/4th of prepass 3 of 3. Observation: High Disk I/O, reading and writing 3ds max temp files, Low CPU Usage(only 1-10%), High Memory(95%) This makes the render times go upto 10h where as on render servers with 32gb ram and 16core CPU, it renders in 1h. Looking at the computer specifications, A guess of rendering time on server vs machine would be a straight double. But this is 10 times high! What would possibly be the reason for such slow down? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All, Been some time since I last posted a problem (s'pose thats a good thing). This time its about a .max file using up all my memory when it shouldn't. All was working perfectly until I merged objects and materials from another .max file. Suddenly the screen wasnt refreshing as quickly, materials were taking forever to load. Decided to check memory, and it was max'd out. Tried to fix it by saving selected items only into new .max file, didnt work. I dont know how to solve it, is there anyone out there who might have a solution. I'm all ears. Grae
  5. I was researching ways to reduce file size and found that converting everything to mesh, as opposed to editable poly, reduced the filed by a good chunk. My 25MB 160k scene was reduced to 15MB after a mesh to poly conversion. I upped to poly count to 227k (back to editable poyls) and it jumped to 34MB. Everything was converted to meshes a final time and the file was down to 21MB @ 454k. What the...? I'm assuming that this is an old trick that I'm just discovering? Does everyone convert their stuff to meshes when done? And why on earth would the file be smaller with way more detail when saved as a mesh?
  6. Hi, I am trying to render caustics on a flat plane. I get wrong regular strait horizontal lines. Here are some setting : -- direct light with caustics subdivs at 400000 -- "Indirect illumination" set to OFF -- "Caustics Multiplier" set to 100000 (!) -- "Max photons" and "Max density" set to 0 I get different distance between those lines depending on the rendering resolution. Since lines are regular, I thought it was a memory problem. Setting "Dynamic memory limit" to 0 and changing "render region division" does not solve the problem. The problem seems new because it was not occurring last year. I'm using V-Ray 2.30.01 and 3ds max 2013, all on 64 bits under Windows 7. Here is what I get : Thanks !!!
  7. Hi, I have 4GB RAM in my system. But when I render a scene I cant do any other things. I cant even open my browser easily. Whereas I noticed that vray using only 1497 mb memory. I dont know where are the rest of memory. red marked. I set my dynamic memory limit to 3000mb. [ATTACH]37939[/ATTACH] Thanks
  8. Hi friends....im using 3ds max 2009 x64 along with vray 1.5 sp2 on Xp x64 OS.I have 4 gb ram installed in my system but while rendering, 3ds max uses hardly 500 to 800 mb of ram and it takes lot of time to render scenes.Please help me find out whats wrong in there. I simply want max to utilize as much as ram as possible.Is this problem with max or vray? please help me. System specs: Amd turion 64 X2 1.8ghz ATI radeon x1250 onboard 2*2gb ram 800mhz. 120gb HDD.
  9. hi, im having a tough time with the settings of this render... i need help! as you can see, i am having trouble with shadows and reflections (from windows and water)... the render is also very slow... i have a dell precision 690 2.33ghz with 4gb of ram withing 8 processors (got a quad core). and sometimes max just crashes! my scene is all vray proxyed, and the trees are xrefed. i need desperate help.... i am already super late on printing, but i need good renderings... please! thanx in advance!!!
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