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  1. Hello Everyone. I know there it will be a very simple solution to this but since I'm new to 3ds max, I don't know what would be the answer so I came up here to ask you folks. I have a surface (attached herewith from Google Drive) that I import from AutoCAD and I know it's not having proper connected faces or whatever but I know I "weld" all the vertices in Spline mod and then convert it to Editable Poly but it end up with blank areas and I cannot fill these with polygon face. I need a quick tip to this that how I can connect or create a line between these two vertices to be able to fill them up. Most importantly, I don't want to give it any height or Extrude any of the "Gray color" surfaces shown in the picture. Any help will be appreciated. Link to the Screenshot (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxiSj0VsuKZMMkJvanAwbEJRNFE)
  2. Hi. I’m the principal of a design company and I’m looking for feedback on a few app ideas. The fourth idea in this survey is for a 3D design tool that your group may find interesting. We are offering the final app for FREE in exchange for some feedback at this link. http://bit.ly/grdlabsurvey1 Thanks!
  3. Hi every one, I have a new you tube channel about 3ds max tips & Tricks parametric modeleing e3tc.
  4. hello dear fellows. need your kind help in finding a script that does this kind of modeling (or a simple way ) atached photo that shows the kind of modeling (area marked in yellow) thanks alot in advence Izak
  5. Hey Everyone, I've been using Sketchup for years for all my arch modeling. I use Revit at work but not when I'm focusing on a piece for visualization purposes. Recently Blender 2.8 came out and I've been reading up on it and want to start experimenting. Sketchup can be great once you have a million plugins, but I've been looking for a more powerful modeling software to take over for a while now. Does anyone use Blender (specifically the latest version) as their primary modeling package? Not talking about rendering of any kind here, just modeling. I think one of the reasons Sketchup is popular among architecture professionals is that it functions more similar to CAD based software than other modelers such as 3DSmax. Blender doesn't seem to be much closer to a CAD environment, but I'm intrigued by the new UI and functions and its promising future. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!
  6. Hey all I am doing some organic modeling just so I can play around in free time. The issue is that I started from plane geometry and went to the extremes. Really like what I got, however now I cant add thickens with shell or extrude modifiers since not all polygons are flipped correctly. Some are inside some are outside and applying these modifiers just overlaps geometry. One solution I could think of is Displacement map. How does is actually work? Can I displace on both sides equally? Is maybe a bump map better solution since I only need thickens for presentation (rendering, animation etc). Thank you and cheers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11wb0iQF0dljwAEcdyBArzxwqo1-6WMm-/view?usp=sharing
  7. I'm working with a rather complicated site that has lots of ups/downs and retaining walls. I have contour lines from Civil but because there are so many retaining walls (and buildings acting as retaining walls) I'm not sure what the best way to go about modeling this in Sketchup. Right now my approach has been to clean up the contours as best as I can but I'm not even sure how to best create geometry out of them in Sketchup because of all the disconnected contours (due to retaining walls). Does anyone know of any good tutorials out there for how to address this?
  8. Hello people, Well, i'm on a project now that includes de modeling of some new props that i don't yet have in my own library, most of them are easy to do, but these two chair are burning my brain, especially the rattan one (darker blue). Can someone help me, by giving some tips on how to do it? I already tried to model it using splines, then turning renderable, but the result is far from good and the poly amount is really high. Some help? Tips? Good luck?
  9. Hello everyone! First post here. I hope this is the right place. I am looking for the software (or any alternative) which was used to make the first 15 seconds of this YouTube video: I'm a 3D Designer by profession, working on a digitalization project of a certain medieval castle in 3D. The castle is almost ready (but I also have to show a "timelapse" of the 3D modelling, preferably in the style of the aforementioned YouTube video. I've been looking everywhere but so far I'm unable to find anything similar. Any comments would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  10. Greetings CG people! I'm at a point in my personal and professional career where I want to make some software changes but am struggling with the best route. My background is in architecture and I am working toward getting licensed in the near future. However I recently started doing some more serious 3D freelance work and want to continue developing this path. Right now I am proficient in AutoCAD and Sketchup. Per the industry standards in Architecture, learning either Revit or ArchiCAD is best for working in a firm. However, if I were to focus on modeling/rendering, I was looking at switching to Rhino or 3DS. I can work pretty fast and detailed in Sketchup, but have come across a number of recent projects where it just can't handle the detail I put into my models. Bottom line is I'm struggling with what direction to take and where to focus my efforts to learning a new software. Yes, if I want to progress with BIM, I'm looking at Revit or ArchiCAD. But if I want to just work on building detailed architectural models for rendering purposes, does anyone use Rhino? Or is it mostly 3DS or Sketchup? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm currently building a bespoke staircase for a property in 3dsmax. I've created the curve of he stairs using the CAD file but i'm having trouble bending the bannister in the same direction. I've tried to use path deform and bend modifiers but neither have worked. It needs to bend as well as gain height. I've attached screenshots of the banister and staircase within 3dsmax as well as reference material. Any advice on how i would get the geometry to bend following the stairs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael
  12. Hey guys. I have a question about modeling text on a surface. So I have this bottle and now that i have finished it I wanted to put the logo of the firm on the surface. How I do it is simple. I import the 2D drawing in 3Ds max. I redraw it with a line and create a surface. Now I go on the front view and with a command Comfort a put them nicely on the surface. Than I extrude them and using Boolean command Union I combine them. However this turns out not to be a clean technique. Because I all i get is letters cut out at back to lay on the surface, but not actual connection between the two. Hence when I try to 3D print them some letters are read by the Slicer (cura) some not. In the links below you can see some reference images. I hope someone can give me a tip on how to achive this so that i end up with a whole "clean" model. Thank you Im using 3ds max 2014. Here are the images: http://imgur.com/IMMI96B http://imgur.com/V5XdoYv http://imgur.com/Q8RsmRG http://imgur.com/Xbhwj9j
  13. Hello. I'm a 3d student and I stumbled upon a problem in one of my projects. I was modeling when suddenly random shadows started appearing and i couldn't select the right edges or vertexes or the character would just disappear from my viewport. I think i did a Reset Xform but i cant remember if that was the cause or not. Im gonna leave some screenshots of the problem. Random shadows: Cant select the right edges:
  14. Hi I have a curved kitchen cabinet: Is there a way of inverting this to bevel 'inside'... So that the bevel curves into the geometry? please see picture below for what Im trying to achieve: If not, what would be the best way of achieving this effect? CP Curve Tool? Many thanks for reading.
  15. Hi people, do you know a cloud-based render engine, and what's your experience with it?
  16. Hey guys how are you today? So, a client of mine wanted me to model a stone filled garden like the one on this picture: I have searched in countless websites for a model or a texture like that one but to no luck :C does anyone have comments or tips on how to get that kind of stone? :confused:
  17. Hey guys, how are you today? So, a client of mine asked me to do a stone filled patch of garden like the one on this picture. I've searched countless sites for the texture, but none can offer something like what I'm looking for... Does anyone has a texture or a tip on how to model this kind of stone filled garden?:confused:
  18. Like the title says, I need to model and stack firewood to go next to a fireplace. I will need 20-30 pieces of wood and I would prefer to not have to model each and every one. I tried just cutting a cylinder into a wedge, but the results are too flat and perfect. I want exactly this, but I would rather do it myself. http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-wooden-logs-pile-wood-model/739632 Any ideas on how to do this without spending a whole day making individual logs?
  19. HI, I was planning to create some bed models; may be 100 of different style. That will cover mostly used style for visualization. for example I believe you would not choose a certain type of bed models for your clean hotel room visualization. the collection of bed models available online ( I checked turbusquid) are not as great. although you get most of them for almost no price ($15-$40) but yet you need a certain style for your visualization. some clean but 100% realistic models. Anyway, I am attaching some images of a bed model I have created for a very good client of mine. But I am wondering if it worth to put my time to create a collection of beds like that. I meant this quality. Also i have in mind that if I create about 30 types of mattress I can fit those in into thousand of bed models. It could be a 2-4 month project for me. Please let me know if I am not in the right track. If I get positive feedback from you guys I will most-likely start the project. Thanks for your input. Abdullah
  20. Hi everyone! First post here but I think this may be of interest to you guys. https://Clara.io, the online 3D modeling and rendering web app, is pleased to announce that we have just officially launched V-Ray rendering and our new 3DStream render embed technology. The full details are in this blog post. Clara.io has come a long way since we first launched in a rough beta back in August 2013. This is a fairly complete V-Ray integration in that we support progressive 3D renders that stream from our cloud servers, we support most V-Ray light (area, sun, hemi, mesh) and material types (v-ray standard, sss, bump, layered BRDFs), we support vismats, vrmats and vrscenes. We support background rendering as well, along with a +1000 preset material library. The other aspect of this release is our 3DStream technology that allows you to embed V-Ray renders into web pages as interactive progressive cloud streams. Here is an example: Porsche Caymen 3DStream You can move the Porsche around with your finger or mouse -- it is a V-Ray progressive render stream. For getting your architectural models into Clara.io, we support importing FBX, Collada, and OBJ/MTL file formats. We do support a number of other formats (another 20 formats), but the FBX/Collada formats are the best if you want to get in your lights, cameras and material settings in. We'd love to get your feedback on where we should go from here. Thanks for your time! -ben houston (ben@clara.io) PS. We are running a $1000 contest for our users with the best V-Ray rendering. --- A lot of examples of what you can do with Clara.io are available here in our library: https://clara.io/library Here is an introductory video on how easy it is to use V-Ray in Clara.io: Some V-Ray results from Clara.io: The +1000 preset material library:
  21. Sometimes when I'm modeling and I come across complicated geometry I enjoy sorting it out on paper. I don't have to but i think its fun. I also did this when I was first introduced to max in 2008 in order to get my brain thinking in 3d because all I ever did was 2d work. Its also nice to get a break from a bright screen.
  22. Who do you think has the best tuts for modeling and lighting/rendering? I'm currently learning a LOT from VisCorbel and sometimes Digital Tutors and I'm looking for others with similar approaches to teaching. I need a good lesson on lighting and rendering in Vray. Something on real world light intensities would be great, too. This was interesting but not enough info for me. http://www.workshop.mintviz.com/tutorials/vray-real-world-light-intensity/
  23. I am interested in seeing how others model from plans. I'm always interested in learning new techniques. Was wondering if anyone knows where I should go to start my library.
  24. I need to create an animation with forests, mountains etc. There will be some close-ups and a few seconds of aerial view, so it needs to be a really big scene. Is there any plugin/generator for such tasks? How do pros make those beautiful landscapes? This is the first time I need to do something like this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. PS: tried googling it, but I found nothing useful. I'm using Max 2013 + VRay
  25. Hello there, This is simple tutorial for beginners about Box Modeling in 3ds max. Watch it here: http://msaatchi.com/en/movie/6/Making-Simple-Dresser
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