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Found 5 results

  1. Have a new project. Need some new trees. Sat down to make a palm tree. Crashed. Crashed again. Okay, I'll just tweak an existing one in max, all I really need is a much taller trunk. Probably just the Palm editor is buggy. Sat down to make a cyprus (conifer). Going nicely. Go to save it. Crashes. That's an actual drag. I need this tree. For years I've been disappointed in some things with Onyx, but it was expensive (to me). And the trees are good in the end. And SpeedTree is expensive if sweeeeeet. But if I can't actually use Onyx to get my work done... Am I the last person with Onyx?
  2. Hi all. I have an undulating terrain(site)which I have saved from max(OBJ) and imported to Onyxgrass scale1.1.In max it is 40 metresx40 metresWhen I apply the simple grass cover it takes forever then crashes.(it is a fairly uneven surface) Typically how would I then apply grass to a rendered park landscape without encountering the same problem. Help.
  3. Studio/Institution: Self Improvement Genre: Landscaping Software: 3D Max (Mental Ray) + Photoshop Description: Hi all - this was the fruit of a few tests I've been doing with Onyx trees, leaf materials, proxy dispersion, etc. Just for fun!
  4. Hello everyone, I intend to invest into an vegetation plug-in, as I have to do some exterior work. I am currently looking at three competeing products: Onyx, GrowFX and AutoGrass. I would be thankful if someone in the know would be kind enough to comment on following issues: 1. if I get Onyx or GrowFX is it sensible to get AutoGrass as well, or will this be doing a redundant job? 2. how does GrowFX currently compare to the Onyx Super Bundle? As I understand GrowFX is cheaper, appears to have a better support and allows to animate growth, while the Onyx package produces slightly better models. Is there any more to it? 3. how stable are both packages with the aforementioned versions of MAX? 4 (Bonus question) I am also thinking about getting a scatter solution (mainly for use with vray proxies). Which scatter would you recommend? Where do you see the main limitations of the scripts/plugins and which scatterer would you recommend (if I go for a commercial solution, I would be leaning towards Forest Pack as Vray and Multi Scatter seem to get more stick on the forums). Thank you for your input. Regards mkfrommainchester
  5. Beta contest winners for the Onyx 3D Vegetation Sharing Portal are now out: http://3dats.com/3D_Share/contests.cfm. They did a great job. Don't worry if you were not part of the beta test, though. We have a new contest where you can make $$$ just by uploading your own vegetation.
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