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  1. Hi everyone, wanted to share one of my work in progress would be happy to know what you all think... thank you for your time☺️.
  2. Hi, I have been reading this great tutorial on Post Production using Photoshop (see below) It describes how to set up render passes in a Photoshop file in order to create a beauty pass. http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/chaos-group-vray/compositing-v-ray-render-layers-in-photoshop/ This has brought up a few questions that I would love to have answered. 1. I have saved my render passes as .tga 32 bit files. When I bring them into Photoshop they open in 8 bit format. Could any one tell me why this is happening? I am thinking that I need these passes to stay in 32bit in order to recreate this composite to look similar to my original before post-production manipulation - am I correct in saying this? 2. I have arranged my passes into layers identical to what this tutorial suggests, however my image looks very different when I compare it to my original also open in Photoshop. (my render - the original from Max retained similar color when I opened it in Photoshop). I was reading that Linear dodge can appear very different, 32 bit compared to 8 bit. In the attached images you can see that the first image is the original render from Vray/Max and the second is my PSD composite. I would appreciate some guidance on this issue. Much appreciated and thanks.
  3. Hello World, I am Jasmine @ Imagist3ds architecture visualization studio. If you are have architectural designs that needs 3D visualization services, please email to tell us your detailed request. If you are 3D visualizers like us and would like to talk, please also don't hesitate to discuss with us. Contact: Jasmine; Email: support@imagist3ds.com' Company: Imagist3ds Architectural Visualization Studio Website: https://imagist3ds.com/
  4. Hello! This is my first time using the CG forum (actually, any forum AT ALL!) and I'm here to read what you guys have to say about this current project I'm working at and see where I can improve, I'm sure I'll learn with everyone since this is my first year learning and working with 3D Render! If you stopped by to give me a little advice I'll be eternally thankful!
  5. Hi Guys. I am currently an architectural retoucher. however I have decided to train up on Arch Viz and so started the process of learning 3ds Max, Vray etc. I have just come to the realisation the 3DS Max just does not run properly on Mac. Bootcamp or Parallels. The recommended Nitrous driver crashes and the legacy driver doesn't work so well with menu options sticking and random things not working. So after 15 years of owning and being solely MAC literate I have to buy a PC. Thing is...... I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I need some help. What spec machine do I need to go for running 3ds Max 2017. What would you guys get? What do you guys use? I need to keep costs to a minimum without scrimping on what is needed. Primarily this machine will be used for training on 3ds studio Max Vray and will need to run photoshop lightning fast? Any advice you guys could give me would be very appreciated. Im of to cry into my iPhone now. Nick
  6. Practice archvis project based on Solares Architecture's Manitoulin Island Off-Grid House (https://www.solares.ca). I’m happy with parts, not so happy with others, any feedback would be much appreciated. Very interested to hear anything about composition specifically, but any advice at all would be great. Spotlights by KarelZe on Blend Swap | Sliding Doors by Zorianpl on Blend Swap | Firewood by Danilius on Blend Swap | Magazine by robertrestupambudi on Sketchfab
  7. First time using Photoshop for post Modelled on SketchUp and rendered in vray. Trying to create house in woods effects. Very open to feedback
  8. I recently finished an interactive realtime personal project of mine based on a real life apartment that leverages UE4 , i would really appreciate your opinion to further improve my skills here is the link :
  9. https://www.behance.net/gallery/100684105/Elegance-House-Chicago CORONA RENDERER | 3DS MAX I am Architectural visualizer thanks !
  10. Hey i've recently created an arcvhiz project using UE4 game engine and i finally finished the video, i would love if you could give me feedback in what things i should improve or any general tips
  11. We provide customers with a rendering of this office building, hoping to get feedback https://www.behance.net/a16956513711915
  12. Hello, I need expert advice and opinion about post-production. I am on the way to write about this topic on our blog for 3d rendering. Therefore I would like to attach some additional opinion from an expert. So, My question is: How much to use post-production in order to get the result? Cons and Pros Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to give expertizing evaluation!
  13. Hello everyone, As a creator of photoshop extensions for arch viz I would like to promote the official website here: https://bbtools.shop/ Check it out, Bogdan
  14. Check out this New Tutorial/Course about the entire step-by-step process of creating a Daylight Living Room scene, using 3ds Max and V-Ray. Download Project Files: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2020/01/vray-3ds-max-interior-rendering.html In addition, users will be introduced to 3DBee asset manager to help create key scene assets, while learning seasoned techniques, and Tips & Tricks throughout the entire process. Finally, the second part of this Tutorial/Course will take users through the fascinating post-production process of transforming a raw render into a polished Final Marketing Image, whilst using Photoshop. To download the full course with Project files, Textures, 3D Scenes, Photoshop files, Videos, Subtitles, and much more, please check the above link : I really hope you find it useful, like and share it. Ta J
  15. Season Greetings Everyone ;0) Checkout my New Season Greetings Tutorial with VRay & 3ds Max Download Project Files: I really hope you find it useful, like & share it Ta J
  16. Hello Everyone, I've just created a Unique and In-Depth New Tutorial on how to create Amazing Planning Applications for Verified Views Video Link: https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2019/06/planning-applications-for-verified-views.html The entire course takes users through the step-by-step process of creating and submitting Verified Views for Planning Applications, using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop In this course, you will learn how to read a typical drawing with the proposed Views from the Architects. Also, users will learn to use the photography and the Survey Data to recreate the proposed views in 3d, while using 3ds Max scripts, XReferences, Dummy Helpers, Daylight systems, Sun Surveyor, Photoshop, and much more. Finally, this unique course will teach you how to create Amazing Accurate Visual representations for Level 0 (AVR0), AVR01, AVR02 and AVR03 I really hope you find this course, the Links and the file Resources very useful. P.S: Don't forget to like and share it Ta Jamie
  17. Hi Everyone, Check out this FREE and Full New step-by-step Tutorial on how to Integrate 3d people in Interior and Exterior live shots, photo realistically using 3ds max, V-Ray & Photoshop. I hope you find it useful, like and share it: Please check the link Below: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2019/04/3d-people-3ds-max-vray-photoshop.html Ta J
  18. Hi, i just wanted to update the last discussion about Exr and Photoshop compositing of 3d renderings. The new Version of Exr-IO comes now with Cryptomatte support and this should both redefine the workflow as well as speed it up. I hope it can help you in your everyday creative work and job Exr-IO 2.00 https://www.exr-io.com/exr-io-2-00/ 3d-io has released the Exr-IO 2.00, the free OpenEXR plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. The new version of the popular Exr-IO file format plug-in includes support for additional features like cryptomatte decoding, support for mipmaps and ripmaps, reduced memory consumption and numerous quality, compatibility and stability improvements with better error handling. Exr-IO 2.00 aims to be as feature complete as possible to allow users to read and write the full scope of EXR image data wherever possible. https://www.exr-io.com/exr-io-2-00/ enjoy!
  19. Cut out people are good.. but cut out animals are much better. VIShopper launched free collection of cut out animals and birds. 21 psd files with 7 dogs, 5 cats, 2 swans, 6 doves, 3 seagulls, 14 geese, 2 lambs and 2 goats, plus 1 fish (dead). Go download and cutefy your visualizations!
  20. Hi Everyone, Happy 2019 first and foremost! This is a quick post to wish everyone a Happy 2019, and to also announce my upcoming Courses/Tutorials about the meticulous process involved in the creation of Automotive Marketing Images. The Courses/Tutorials will be available next week, and hope you find them useful for your current and upcoming projects. The renders depict the progress and the final renders of my latest Automotive Marketing images. I've used 3ds Max, V-Ray, AMD graphics card and Photoshop to finalize them. The 3d car model used was Tesla. External Night shot: One HDR image was used for both, reflections and as light source, with a road (vray matte object ) to capture the shadows and the reflections. Furthermore, I've matched the HDRI camera angle and it's shutter speed (noticeable on the lady and man in the background). The final tweaking was done in post to boost up the car and the overall image. Interior Studio Lighting render: I've used similar lighting rigs to those used in real photography (i.e. soft light on top and floodlights around the car to capture key car details/features. Because I didn't want to physically model the entire studio set, I've used a studio HDR image, for reflections only. For materials/finishes, I've used the v-ray car paint shader (main car body), metal procedural maps/shaders, glass and a complex vray blend procedural map with displacement for the studio floor. Photos were used as references for the camera angle, lighting and most materials/surfaces. I hope you like the final result. Kind Regards jamie https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/ .
  21. What's wrong with my Brick Texture. So I created custom texture in photoshop. I use the texture in ArchiCAD. I render with ArchiCAD's CineRender. and I get these white and red arches in my brick texture. But I can not undestand why the render output looks like this. Can anyone help me out. Explain to me what I did wrong?
  22. Hi Everyone, Check out my New Tutorial on how to turn a Daylight Interior Render into a Night one, using 3ds max, v-ray and photoshop: The full video can be seen in the link below: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/12/3ds-max-vray3d-visualizer-handbook-to.html In this segment, users are taken through the process of changing V-Ray high preset settings for quick test renders; while adjusting materials and the environment to reflect a night scene. I really hope you find it useful, like and share it . Kind Regards Jamie
  23. Check out this new tutorial on how to control the depth of field effect in Photoshop or AE, using a depth map from Vray This short video tutorial takes users through the quick process of adding and tweaking the dof in post production, using Photoshop. http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/05/dof-control-depth-of-field-effect-in.html Using the dof (depth of field) directly in your 3d scene can at times be irreversible, when faced with a tight deadline. However, using a depth map (e.g. vrayzdepth, etc ) in post (Photoshop or After Effects) will provide you with the ultimate control to rectify any potential tweaks that might arise from last minute changes from a client. I hope you like it, and leave your comments below. Ta J
  24. Full disclosure, I suck at figuring out linear/non-linear workflows. God knows I've tried, but I'm a concept artist so 95% of the time I just need pixels from 3d to mash into 2d workflows. But I'm working on a heavy 3d scene which is sent to a render farm and outputs EXR files. In the Vray Frame Buffer I have sRGB off and I get a my desired gamma/contrast in the frame buffer. When I save out as EXR it's like the sRGB is turned on i.e. really pale and bright. All I want to know is, in Photoshop, how to I get it from 32 bits to 16 and get that exact same gamma as in the frame buffer. Currently, non of the option in the HDR toning dialogue are a good fit. They alter the image too much.
  25. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender, Photoshop Description: Hello everyone, This is my first serious attempt to put my work out there. I am trying to learn Blender as it is a free software and I believe is as much powerful as 3Ds Max. This image is based on a real project posted here: https://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/cl/886040/crescent-drive-ehrlich-architects/5a1aeabfb22e383ae60000a7-crescent-drive-ehrlich-architects-photo I am still getting this non-realistic lighting, I am struggling a bit to get the right tone. I woud appreciate any feedback and thanks for stopping by.
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