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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am total beginner in proxy idea and i would really need some help! I export Proxy model but I don't Know how to save the material as well. I have read in some forums that v-ray creates automatically a multi-material but in my case it does not! When I import the proxy in a new file I have to re-assign all the materials manually one by one and it takes too much time. Is there any easier way? Thank you in advance for your time! ps:I am using v-ray 4.20.02
  2. https://youtu.be/0vUUOn3BdBI Hi Everyone ??? In this second part series, I will be showing you how to quickly create proxies of nearly one gigabytes file, with a click of button, using amazing Q-Proxies presets. Q-Proxies is a 3ds max plug-in compatible with any rendering engine. Like most proxies, it reduces the polygon count in a scene, and helps to speed up renders substantially. Download Files: https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2020/08/q-proxies-with-3ds-max-part-2.html What sets this proxy plug-in apart from others, is the unique ability to bring back the original mesh with textures and modifiers previously applied, from any rendering engine . Not to mention other great features such as, Relink proxies to current folder, remove unused files and much more. I really hope you find the tutorial useful, like and share it. Ta Jamie Q-Proxies part 2_twitter 2.mp4
  3. Q-PROXIES 3dsMax plugin Instant Proxy Meshes for Scene Optimization Automatically create multiple proxy objects that replace your high-poly meshes to speed up your work on heavy scenes. This tool will improve the viewport performance of your scene and dramatically reduce its file size in no time! It will boost your productivity and make your work much easier. Some Features: Full suport for animated objects/characters Automatically turn instanced geometry to instanced proxies Turn grouped objects into a single proxy mesh, saving a lot of memory and disk space Compatible with all render engines and third-party proxy objects Website: http://www.splinedynamics.com/q-proxies/
  4. Hello, I am currently working on a huge project and there is one aerial shot of the whole township, I have created jungle type greenery around it. Every House is Corona Proxy with Multi-Map Corona material on it. There are specific structures and Trees are included. Nothing is Mesh! All are proxies!. My Scene Details: I am Rendering at 6K Resolution. [ignore Passes in Scene Details, I started Region to troubleshoot problem that why It's Messed up! While Rendering: My CPU Uses 1%, Really. Is is all because of Many proxies in the scene?. In other hand My Ram is using almost above 88%. What should I do? Should I convert whole scene to Mesh? My Computer Specs: CPU: i7-5820K @ 3.30GHz RAM: 32 GB @ 1066MHz GPU: NVidia GTX 980
  5. Hi, this is my first post here. Or, ever in a software forum I've recently started learning 3ds max on my own (started about 45 days ago) and its very tough to grasp, I must say. I'm having problems with Vray Proxy. I want to create realistic grass, like the people at Evermotion do. Using Vray Proxy. I followed their tutorial here http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/7958/creating-3d-grass Instead of creating my own grass blades, I used an Evermotion model. Picked its material in Vray Material Editor. Then converted it into Vray Mesh. Imported the proxy back into the model, and it came as a box. Like it should. But now when I try to render it, the original grass patch is rendering but not the proxy. I've tried applying the same material to the proxy, but its not working. I was using Vray. Just to try everything, I switched to Default Scaline renderer and to my surprise, it gave me error at the time of rendering, 'The following objects require map coordinates and may not render correctly' and in the list was bunch of things along with Vray proxy 01. But no such message was given when I render using Vray. How can I fix this, please help? It has been bothering me since many many hours and I feel helpless. Thankyou
  6. Just trying to proxy some of my trees so I don't have to bring in multiples of million poly trees. I create the proxy, there's two options, one to save each bit of geo separately and one to have it as all one mesh. The latter, when I bring it into 3ds max, turns it bright pink, the other seems to be not UV'd or something because the trunk and leaves are a solid/cartoony shade of green and brown. Any ideas?
  7. ABK

    Proxy problems

    Hi all, I'm trying to use vray proxies to set up product for a project I'm working on. I've used proxies before to good effect but this time I'm getting a weird problem. As you can see from the images below, the objects above (the proxies) are rendering very strangely. I I am using 3DS max 2012 with vray2.0. The objects are all converted to editable polys before the above Vray mesh export. Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Cheers, Antony
  8. Studio/Institution: Self Improvement Genre: Landscaping Software: 3D Max (Mental Ray) + Photoshop Description: Hi all - this was the fruit of a few tests I've been doing with Onyx trees, leaf materials, proxy dispersion, etc. Just for fun!
  9. to all those of you who use the 3ds max plugin, how do you go about high-poly objects without having ram usage blow up, i was recently working on this urban exterior scene, supposedly a busy street around the rush hour, with around 10 high-poly cars along with some onyxtree bushes through Tree storm (used random seed variation) and all that added up to a grand total of 4 GB of ram for 3ds max!
  10. Hi, I just released the last update of my commercial script for 3ds max. You can find more information in the website: http://www.hermidacg.com/maxscripts/hcg-asset-browser/ And a video: This script has the objective to help users manage thousands of models. With it you can manage models, materials and textures, and easily place single objects in the scene or multiple copy of the objects at once. I hope that you enjoy, and I will be happy if you have any suggestions or questions. You have 15 days to use for free , time enough to organize a lot of your libraries. Thanks.
  11. Hi People. I'm trying to merge a "proxy" "vray mesh export" with v-ray 1.5sp4 an object that was created in v-ray 1.5 rc5. The original object have 4.584 polygons. When i merge as proxy it have 2.156. It was not supose to be 0? The last version of vray i used 1.5 rc5 worked fine. Then i try to create a new proxy with sp4 to test. There is no "vray mesh export" when i click with the right button. Maybe all have changed... Thank you. Sorry for the bad english.
  12. TomElcott

    Vray Proxy

    Hey Guys, Im interested in working with the Vray Proxy function for a large scene, the only problem i have is that once i have the object i want to become the proxy, i do the V-ray mesh export, then when i bring it into my scene it looses all the textures and becomes one flat standard colour... It takes on the object colour an object has before you put a texture on it... Can anyone help me with retaining the textures on a Proxy?
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