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Found 5 results

  1. I didn't see any news items on this, so I thought I would post. Lemme know if I missed an article! https://www.caustic.com/visualizer/index.html Works with standard max and maya shaders, mental ray shaders, and hopefully more. Also in Rhino. If people are interested, lobby for V-Ray support in Max and Maya too!
  2. Hi Guys, our RenderGin Betaversion was released on 01. September 2010. Since then it was downloaded and tested for many times. We get some critique and lots of great feedback. Thank you for that! As a result we could further improve RenderGin. In the next few days we will provide a new betaversion on our Homepage http://www.numenus.de/index.php?index=1317. Have a look! Also we are still looking forward to receive test reports and feedback from you. Download here: http://www.numenus.de/download_en.html
  3. RenderGin (formerly known as Augenblick MMV) has been unleashed. It is an extremly fast and yet easy to use rendering application. Most outstanding is its capability to render extremly large scenes with multi millions of polygons with ease. A free public beta version can be downloaded directly from http://www.numenus.de/download_en.html This version is not feature limited. Feel free to download RenderGin and give it a try. Of course we would love to hear your opinion and see some awesome renderings of yours.
  4. The last Alpha version of Augenblick MMV, a real time based renderer is currently available as a free download http://www.numenus.de/produkte_en.html The next one will be the beta! It would be great if you give it a try and of course we love to hear your feedback!
  5. In the last Thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/38352-new-realtime-ray-tracing-based-renderer.html) we told you about our Realtime Ray Tracing renderer Augenblick. Then, it has been a bit quite around us lately. However, that´s not related to laziness. In fact we have been quite diligent. Finally, after working hard and fixing a lot of bugs, Version 0.8 is now available. Most important to mention is, that we implemented a global illumination lighting system. Currently it is not fully functional yet, but we wanted to give you the chance for a sneak preview. The final GI solution will be a lot faster. Just go on our Website, http://www.numenus.de/index_en.html, and download the new Version of the MMV. Tell us what you liked and also what you not liked so far. We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts how Augenblick could be improved and extended. Best regards, The NUMENUS Team
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