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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I've updated my Vray recently from 3.6 to Vray Next and since then i'm having some weird issue that i see some fix black and white image when i render my scene from any angle. i've also tried to change my render engines but it shows some different angle that doesn't even have the camera and its also same from any camera positions. I'm uploading vray and quick silver hardware render to show you so please help me get rid of it.
  2. Hi, I have a project due tomorrow, and i am trying to render this animation in vray 3dmax, however, the rendered objects are all appearing black and only the hdri background image is being lit, I cannot find the problem! i went over the cam setting, vray sun, and materials, and the vray settings, however it does not seem to work!, im rendering the animation as single frames and then combining them in 3ds max ram player. can anyone give a solution ASAP please, I have attached the file. THANK YOU!!!!
  3. Hello, I am trying to render an animation but it's rendering all black. I successfully rendered the light cache and irradiance map, but am having issues rendering the actual video. What is strange is that the material IDs are rendering successfully.I have attached screenshots so you can see what I mean. If you can think of any reason this is happening please let me know! The original model was imported from revit. Vray materials were used to replace the revit materials. Below are the animation rendering instructions that I followed almost exactly, for the exception that I left the light cache subdivs and sample size at 800 and .02 respectively. PART ONE: render > render setup > common > common parameters > time output > check single > output size > change custom > hdtv > 1280 x 720 > render output > nothing checked but rendered frame window > v-ray > check enable built-in frame buffer > vray raw image > check render to vray raw image file > browse to folder > make trash//throwaway folder for this > save as .exr > don’t check save separate render channels > indirect illumination > check “on” > primary bounces > GI engine = light cache > secondary bounces > GI engine = light cache > vray light cache > subdivs = 2500, sample size = .01 > Mode > mode = fly-through > on render end > check auto save > browse to your folder > save in animations folder (as light map) > vray > global switches > check “don’t render final image” output is yourfilename.vrlmap (disregard the .exrs you created) PART TWO: in same max file > rendering > render setup > common > common parameters > check active time segment > every nth frame = change to 5 > vray > vray raw image > check render to vray raw image > browse new trash name.exr > indirect illumination > primary bounces > GI engine = irradiance map> secondary bounces > GI engine = light cache > vray irradiance map > built-in presets > current preset = medium-animation > mode > multiframe incremental > autosave > browse > new file on network .vrmap > light cache > mode = from file > browse > browse to light map from part one (.vrlmap) output is yourfilename.vrmap (disregard .exrs) PART THREE: rendering > render setup > common > active time segment > every nth frame = 1 > can change range if you only have camera at 40 seconds or something > vray > vray frame buffer > vray raw image (one you want to save) > browse to your network folder > save as .exr > check save separate render channels > browse > save as .exr w/ channels > render elements > add vraymtlid > okay > vray > global switches > DESELECT don’t render final image > indirect illumnation > irradiance map > mode = from file > browse to .vrmap from part two
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