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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am rendering for my project and the glass have been rendering white instead of clear. I tried adding a reflection and refraction layer, a emissive layer, lowered the fog multiplier, brightened the fog color and changed the sun angel. But nothing worked. Also I applied a black generic material to the railing and they also turned out white. Are these two thing related to one problem? I would love to have clear glass render so the structure can show up. Thank you for helping!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am currently rendering for my project and the glass in my building would not render clear. They have only been rendering white. I tried adding reflection and refraction layer, tried adding an emissive layer, lower the fog multiplier, brighten its color, changed the sun angle. Nothing worked. Any suggestions? I would love to have clear glass so the structural columns would show up. Also I applied black generic material to the railings but they also rendered black. Are they related to the same problem?
  3. Hello, I'm using Vray 2.0 in Sketch Up 2015 and when I render this particular scene, the progress bar stucks up as well as the bucket. Every time I repeat it, the bucket stucks at the same spot. I almost waited half day but nothing happens. I don't know if its because the file is too heavy but it won't finish the render. I hope somebody can help me. Thank you! Please see image attached.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been trying to find how to fix black and white spots on my rendering and can't find the solution yet, I've tried increasing subdiv orglobal illumination or changing min/max rate in irradiance map with no success. Please help me. My rendering results are here Many thanks for the help.
  5. The wall in the render Vray video starts flickering or twinkling, here is the video attached I render a living room in 3D Max with V-ray, but the render shows a flickering walls or twinkling because the light (I think so) how can I solve this problem? You can see the problem in the video attached with a monitor , tv or iPad. In phones you cannot see it because it’s small screen.
  6. I am attempting a night rendering and I am encountering something I've never seen before - vray for sketchup is generating halo shaped splotches on an exterior opaque surface. they have a strong resemblance to blood cellls. No idea what's going on and searching for vray blood cells isn't working either any advice is truly appreciated
  7. Hey guys Introducing myself, I'm Andy from Indonesia. I learn Autocad and 3dsmax about 3-4 years ago. My rendering now is quite good, thank to all tips and tutorial (sorry for my bad English) This is my first post here I have some problem in my rendering and need your help Look at the pictures above, I rendered both scene with same camera setting, same IES setting, but why the pictures with dark material looks different. The IES looks so weak even it have same Intensity. In real world, dark material wont affect the VrayIES intensity, right? Wall : Vraymtl, Bitmap on Diffuse Maps GI Environment : on, multiplier 1 VrayIES : Power 15.000, all setting is ticked. VrayCamera : Shutter 20, ISO 250, only Exposure ticked The difference between the pictures above is reflection. As you can see, VrayIES shape is not visible in top pictures, while the bottom picture the IES shape is visible. Top picture : VrayMtl, reflection color 255,255,255 Bottom picture : VrayMtl, reflection color 180,180,180 My question is, in real world, do the light visible on mirror ? Render Setup : Exponential, Primary : Irrandiance map Second : Light Cache Is there anything I need to tick or untick ? Correct my material setting if you think im doing it wrong. Im really sorry for my bad English, you may have some problem to understand what I mean. But thanks you if you want to help me! Check out my current best rendering : http://websta.me/n/andy_zhanq
  8. Hello Friends of CG Architec, I'm Diego Rojas, from Osorno, Chile. I tell them that I recently requested a quote for a building of 8 floors, with approximately 2500m2, (the work required are: 10 CGI Full HD 1920x1080p (2 indoor and 8 outdoor), plus the 3D model. The truth that has taken me some time appoint a value to this work. That's why I want to know, if anyone can help me or guide! On the way to charge for my work, the truth is that I have experience working with virtual reality, but I'm a bit new to the process of collecting. I'll be extremely grateful.
  9. Hello All, We have a new project at work. We have around 2 weeks to produce 3 images for a sports themed restaurant/bar/retail space (there is a particular association which we are pitching too and its huge). This is a dream for designers because it is completely hypothetical meaning no budget, no restrictions, no location. But this also means we have too much freedom My boss said to me "we need 3 amazing images. I dont care how but you have to blow them away" So I am looking for some inspiration renders or designs that anyone might know of. Of course we have all been researching but since Im the one rendering I was looking for render examples in particular. Things to give me ideas for lighting/composition etc... We are thinking big and maybe even competition image winners would give me a great start. Thanks for the help and I hope to post the images (if we get past the confidentiality agreement)
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