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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! First i would like to give two thumbs up for the great community. I have found help here numerous times. I have been doing arh-viz for 5 years now , and for some time I have been developing misc tools to make our working lives a little easier. After having to do a huge amount of high detailed tile roofs for complex buildings, i had it. 3dsmax has no good tools of doing this tedious task in a simple way. The first tool is called RoofTiler and it is intended to do automatic roof tiling: http://ivar.planet.ee/rooftiler/rooftiler_alpha_007.jpg So what does it actually do? You give it a roof mesh object like the one seen on the top link and choose a roof tile and push the big red button. After some calculation the entire mesh object has been tiled and the roof tiles have been cut in the right places. This is all it does for now. What will the features be then? *A premade procedual library of commonly used tiles *A simple way to use custom meshes as tiles *Occlusion objects (you can use custom meshes to cut the tiles) *Spline extraction for ridge tiles, gutters. * if possible, automatic ridge tiling. * automatic uvw *random materials for tiles (for color variance) *simple UI *max9-max2009 32/64bit * Your features!! Where does it fail? *curved roofs- probably will develop something for them too. But not now For availabilty: Not yet. There probably will be a small open betatest in the future, but the time is still unknown. When i feel it is up to commercial standards. I live in Estonia and some aspects of "common" may differ. So i have a question: What tiles are most commonly used? As said it is a work in progress, and i would really appreciate any feedback. If you guys think it is a useful plugin for max and have ideas for features, then please comment. I would like to make this plugin as complete as i can.
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