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Found 3 results

  1. First post ever, and I am asking for help... I've got a sketch-up model (and full disclosure, there are objects from 3d Warehouse in the file) that occasionally renders fine, but not always. When I got to render my scene, the initial pass through (prior to the render rectangles) seems to show the desired lighting level I want, but as soon as the rectangles come up, it renders a dark scene. Its not totally black, but it appears that its not rendering my general environmental light. It does show all my modeled lights though. Being the novice I am at Vray - I followed the message boards; I have under global switches, lights, default lights, hidden lights, and shadows checked. Also, under Environment, I have a GI Color Set and a value of 11.0. I have included an image of my most recent render showcasing the problem. What's odd, is that just last week it rendered absolutely fine. Could it be an object within my model causing this to happen? I appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  2. hi, i'm an interior designer using sketch up for fast concepts and visualization. Before I used photoshop and piranesi for my concept drawings. so I thought it was on time to try a real render tool such as maxwell renderer. Maxwell seemed to me quite easy so I tried the standalone version. so I post my first work here. i had some problems with the rendering, it took such along time 5 days with SL 25 and there are still a lot of noises. But I hope you'll like it anyway. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47363[/ATTACH]
  3. Studio/Institution: Coggins-Hill Genre: Residential Interior Software: SketchUP, Vue Studio Website: http://www.building-futures.eu Description: Render produced for a private swimming pool interior. Fully modelled in SketchUp and textured and rendered in Vue Studio. Vue is not particularly suited to building interiors so this render took a long time to do both in creation and render time. I would do it differently given a second chance but provided here to gain some valuable feedback. All feedback will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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