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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I published my experiences in migrating from 3ds Max to Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer in professional archviz, on my blog. The time I started using C4D there weren't many infos on the subject – I was relying on forum posts and social media to find out what it likes to convert. I thought my experiences may be worth sharing here, I hope someone might find it useful! Read part one here, if you're interested: http://bit.ly/2nQOFIp
  2. Hi all, just wondering why the industry tends to lean towards 3DS Max so much more than Maya for arch vis? I know that at the end of the day its your ability and not the software which achieves the results, but are there some more specific features that 3DS Max has which gives it a competitive edge?
  3. Hello everyone! First post here. I hope this is the right place. I am looking for the software (or any alternative) which was used to make the first 15 seconds of this YouTube video: I'm a 3D Designer by profession, working on a digitalization project of a certain medieval castle in 3D. The castle is almost ready (but I also have to show a "timelapse" of the 3D modelling, preferably in the style of the aforementioned YouTube video. I've been looking everywhere but so far I'm unable to find anything similar. Any comments would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  4. I wanted to ask people engaged in furniture making and manufacturing, more specifically kitchen cabinets, what do you think of web app online 3D kitchen constructor? Here's the example of project I've recently made using this online software (see attachments). What do yu think of its rendering possibilities? http://prodboard.eu/kitchen/ You can try to design a kitchen yourself and share your opinions about whether it worths time spending, or maybe you know some other apps of this kind that you like more.
  5. We are creating a lot of fabric textures, and usually we take photos or scan them, sometimes use Forest to replicate the texture, but we need something that is easier on the machines (than Forest) and faster/gives better results than scanning/taking photos (we used a simple scanner, not laser or anything special and a high end DSLR). I tried Substance Designer, but it is very hard to create something that could be used as a template and modified if needed. What ideas come to your mind, which software could we try or use to be able to create very high detail fabrics (and/or to create templates for fabric materials)? Im using Railclone now, seeing what can I do, then later creating the maps from the model. Currently we are using 3ds max 2016 and Corona. Budget isn't really a problem, so if you have any ideas, Im happy to hear it, even if its a bit unusual. Thank you!
  6. Are you a software developer? Do you make plugins or filters for 3D or 2D graphics related apps? If so, CGPlugins.com is the perfect resource to feature your software for free. CGPlugins.com offers a platform for all software developers to post and feature their software so as to improve visibility, provide linking to your homepage and increase ranking for your product. For the rest of us, it serves as a growing repository of computer graphics related tools, at your fingertips. CGPlugins.com is the perfect repository for plugins related to: 3ds max Maya Modo Photoshop After Effects Nuke Houdini Blender Softimage Cinema 4D Flame And many, many more... Check out CGPlugins.com today and start posting your software for free.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there any free CAD program you can suggest that lets you see the attributes (properties) of objects or lines that are created in autocad? I've tried this link on autocad: http://www.autodesk.com/products/dwg/viewers but it doesn't let me view/see the attributes. The files I am viewing contains information on the attributes/properties and I would like to use a free CAD program to view them. Thank you.
  8. Which software do you use to scroll through your images when searching for a texture, reference photos etc.? Have you tried many other, and why did you stay with the one you're using now? I tried many, but I couldnt find the right one, that fits my working habits. Thanks!
  9. Hi! I was looking for a money managment software, but couldnt find the right one. Every software comes with the account option, and you cant skip it. Im living in Hungary, and the money institutions are not supported (I couldnt find a software where they are). So I need a software that doesnt use accounts, just a budget. Like you type in an amount, and keep the spending under that, and you can check on what you spent money on. It would be best to have categories and subcategories as well, pie chart and a saving option (you set an amount, and whenever you put aside some money, you type in the amount, and it shows how much more you need). I found a lot of good app for iOS and Android, but I need one for PC. Which one do you use, which would you recommend (where you dont need to link or create an account)? Thank you!
  10. I'm pleased to announce that after months of feedback, testing, research and development, CGPlugins.com is now officially live! CGPlugins.com (Computer Graphics Plugins) is a website designed for developers to promote their computer-graphics related plugins & scripts, for free, so as to draw attention, improve product visibility and increase SEO ranking through linking to their official product homepage. For users, it serves as a massive repository of the world’s greatest CG software collection, all housed under one roof. As a developer: Frustrated at your lack of promotional options? You’ve just spent months of development on your greatest software to date. Now you want the world to see it but forums don’t allow software promotion, news sites are highly selective in what articles they carry and websites charge absurd fees to have your product featured. Banner ads require costly click-through rates while magazine ads can charge upwards of thousands of dollars for limited exposure. The truth is, developers have few and limited options when it comes to showcasing their work from both a practical and financial standpoint. CGPlugins.com intends to fill that gap by providing developers with a full-feature software submission website loaded with promotional tools designed for developers to get their product out there! Upload your content and link your post to your product page for increased traffic, wider visibility and higher SEO ranking. As a user: Tired of searching through endless resources for specific plugins or scripts? Found the tool you want but can’t download it without registering or paying a membership fee? As a digital artist, you use a combination of CG software so why doesn’t any site categorize all of them together? CGPlugins.com aims to fix that by ultimately providing one of the largest databases of conglomerated industry plugins and scripts under one roof. The gorgeous, fully-responsive masonry style layout makes it easy and fun to browse through the products while powerful filtering options quickly narrow down results with a click of the button. A lightning-fast search engine coupled with a live search tool provide instant and immediate feedback. Detailed product meta info lets you know about software versions, OS compatibility and cost so you can grab the right tool for your pipeline, quickly and effortlessly. Find the software you want, when you want it. CGPlugins.com is 100% free! If you are a CG software developer or a digital artist looking for a repository of the world's best CG plugins & scripts, sign up now at CGPlugins.com and start promoting your products today! Visit CGPlugins.com now! --
  11. Hy guys, Im always use autocad to modeling a room, and then render it on 3ds max But, I see so many another software likes Maxwell, Rhinoceros, ArchiCad, Grasshopper (this is plug-in on Rhino, right?), Maya, Cinema 4D. What is their specialities, pros and cons ? Please, tell me another software that i dont know yet Thanks for the reply guys
  12. I am an architect who wants to develop my portfolio with some nice renderings. I am not sure which software to get. I use a PC and AutoCAD. I used 3d studio many years ago at uni but its so expensive. I know there are lots of different options but my problem is that having not used any of them I don't know where to start and in don't have alot of time to investigate each and every one of them. Google sketch up is quite cheap but as far as i know its rendering is limited. I want to produce some photographic 'realistic' resolution Images. Would appreciate some firm guidance. Thanks.
  13. A major enhancement release 2.0 of the 3D noise calculation software noise3D online has been released and is available at http://www.noise-calc.com. It is an innovative solution for noise experts, architects, engineers and noise control officers working on noise protection measures, especially when planning commercial or industrial projects. Architects will receive a low cost noise planning capability with a robust calculation engine, a cloud based solution that can be used by the architects independently from expensive experts or expensive software licenses. noise3D online is delivered as a SketchUp (registered by Trimble Navigation Ltd) plug-in. The recent upgrade delivers a much enhanced user interface, enhanced modeling capabilities and a streamlined calculation process. Based on a 3D acoustic model it provides predicted sound power levels and colored sound maps that can be used to simulate and predict cost effective noise protection measures during the planning process.
  14. Hello! have been a while since i ask something around here, finally i have all the parts of my workstation, just today my ssd came and now i have to start working in getting all my software in balance for working seriously, what i think to do is putting my two os in the ssd, namely ubuntu and windows ( i would love to have osx, but i dont really know the possibilities of a hackintosh in this laptop (m6600) if you know something about this it would be helpful too) all my important info in my hard drive and my most used applications as CS6, autocad, sketchup, rhino, 3ds max in a ram drive that i will make soon; so as u already realize i dont like windows i really dont like it but i have to use it till i become god in blender, so my question is about which windows i should install in my ssd, which one is faster, has better performance, is more stable and is better for architecture/animation software, windows 7 64bit or windows 8 pro? thanks to everyone. metta
  15. Hi, I'm an architect occasionally doing cg models with videos and walkthroughs. right now I use windows movie maker to create my presentation but its far from my needs. I would appreciate some advice on the most simple (must) cheap (preferably) video authoring software to do the following: must have features: 1. accept most popular video file types with sound. 2. allow to add multiple videos and mix/ cross-fade between them, like having a separate day and night view videos and going from day to night without actually simulating it on the 3d software. ALSO allow for more than one video on screen with some type of divider (yes complicated) - maybe to show the project from above with a facade both moving at the same time. or show house plan with interior at the same time, etc. 3. allow more then one sound file at a time. at least one from video file and added background music. also allows to add different background music files and mix/crossfade between them. 4. allow to cut/edit/paste video parts. 5. has the ability to add text - with as many as possible pre defined text effects. preferable features: 1. video editing: color correction / pre-defined color and style effects. 2. allow complex annotations - add arrows/boxes with text to indicate important information. - really really want this - but can live without.. 3. as many as possible presets for effects and edits to make the video live and interesting - fast. 4. has a rewind effect - to go through an important part, "rewind" and show it again for better impact don't know if something like this exist since I did google and searched this forum, but maybe with 2 simple application, one for some and one for the other features I can get all of the above done? thanks in advance,
  16. What do you think about this?. someone has tried it?. LUMEN RT 4 - Released
  17. Im doing a project at my university and i need some advice. I have to build the render farm off of the network. I would like some advice on what rendering software to use. Can anyone help please? Vicky
  18. Hello everyone , as we knew , in general Modeling subdivided into... - Generic Modeling (Solid , Surface) : which deal with the model as shapes 3dsMax , Maya , Sketchup , ... - Parametric Modeling (): which deal with the model as real elements (walls , roof ,..) As Revit , Archicad , Autocad Architecture , .... So there are alot of softwares we have to learn but what do u recommend the programs that every architect must to learn ?
  19. I was thinking about posting our 3d awards entry called "Kubadilishana" when I remembered that I haven't posted nothing in cga about Motiva COLIMO software yet.. Motiva COLIMO is a tool that allows to change lights, colors and textures using prerendered images as base, not only colors and textures are affected but his influence over the whole scene including raytraced reflections,raytraced refractions and GI bleeding. For better comprenhension about how this app works watch the videos: - Motiva COLIMO Overview I: - Motiva COLIMO Overview II: And now is announced the 0.7.5 beta new feature SSR (Screen Space Relief) - Motiva COLIMO new features: More info and demo: www.motivacg.com/colimo_en.php FAQ: http://www.motivacg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21 And after that (long) presentation of the software I'd like to show you our 3DA entry called Kubadilishana. It is a project based on that technology with multiscene support. Unfortunatly we had no time to record this video explaining the use of the software and the judges will open the app without any info about what is or how it works so I think that we have zero opportunities to be nominated (we've presented another entry too). KUBADILISHANA VIDEO:
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