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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys (and gals), Recently completed this tutorial which produced the result in the attatchment (FinalRender.jpg). I then decided to apply this method of lighting to my own Ferrari 333SP, using the same car paint material as the tutorial (shellac with two vrayMat sub materials). This produced a problem with reflections (as indicated in the problem.jpg attatchment) Any ideas on cause + how to fix? FYI the odd reflections only occur when viewing from the front. P.S. The material is -exactly- the same as the tutorials'
  2. Hey guys (and gals), Having recently completed a video tutorial (link) I had the result in FinalRender (attached) So I decided to strike out on my own, modelling a Ferrari 333SP and creating the set and lighting as shown in the tutorial. Upon render the car from most frontal angles results in a problem (attached). Anybody have any idea on how to resolve this? P.S.The materials I used for the main body of the car is the -exact- material from the tutorial (FinalRender)
  3. I'm fairly new (2 weeks) into using V-Ray, and sure this might have been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything in this forum. Anyhow, I'm creating a white on white animation for a transition sequence and during one of the segments, there's a splotchy shadow that starts to build up like its some sort of viral fungus. I'm curious if there's a certain setting, checkbox, or number that can actually make this shadow look natural, smooth and pretty? Most settings are set pretty high and I'm using only one light (VRayLight on Plane setting). Attached is a couple screenshots with the shadow area highlighted. I also attached current settings of the V-Ray, Indirect illumination, and Settings tabs. I'm on 32-bit 3ds max 2010 SP1 and V-Ray Adv 1.50.SP4a Thanks!
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