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Found 5 results

  1. i'm hoping someone can help. After using cinema 4D i am now using 3D max 2020 and Vray Next, but find an issue with adjusting a pool material transparency. I have adjusted the refraction to white thinking it will control the transparency only it doesn't appear to. Are there any other suggestions to try and resolve please?
  2. i dont know what to do, my vray glass is not acting like it was suposed to, when i used the vray sun the glass turned into a complete mirror, and when using the hdri its with a black part still the image: please can anyone help?
  3. Hi, I'm using vray for Rhino but it probably doesn't matter what the vray platform is. I have a scene with an environment background image set in the Environment background slot of the option editor tab. The model renders and displays fine in the VFB. But whenever I save as png, I get a transparent bacground instead of the background image. If I save as jpg, the image is complete. Where the heck did the background go ? I like the png format but in this case I don't want transparency. I don't see a choice for that. If I use a dome light instead and place the environment image there, I have no problem saving as png. But if I use the environment background option I get this problem. What am I missing ?
  4. Hi, I'm new here! I've been reading this site for a while but only decided to join recently. Wondering if I could get some advice on a strange issue I just started having. After my last save I must have pressed a key or made an inadvertent switch somewhere, because I'm just now having viewport issues (see attached photo). None of the objects in my model are transparent, however, they're appearing so in my viewport. There's also odd shading and pixelation. It doesn't matter whether I'm in orthographic or perspective view, shaded or realistic. It can't be a material issue, because up until my last save all the materials were showing up as they should. And it renders out just fine, no strange shading/transparency issue. I feel like it has to be a simple error that I just can't figure out! Thanks a lot for any advice (also, I'm using 3ds Max 2014).
  5. Hi I am an architecture student who needs help before a review. I am using rhino with a maxwell plugin. All I am trying to do is add an image to a maxwell material which I can then tile and make transparent so I can just see the objects behind it. I have tried every option from reflectance, transmittance, nd, roughness, attenuation and mapping the image in each category with no results. All I would like to know is what are the settings and steps to map a jpeg image into a material and then have it be transparent (the same transparency level as like a photoshop image at 70 percent opacity). The surface has no thickness but can go up to 1" if it has to have a thickness for attenuation or whatnot. I really appreciate the help this could save my tons of hours photoshopping. Thanks
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