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Found 24 results

  1. Hi folks I am looking for a best solution to add huge traffic(May be 8000 vehicles) in a big masterplan. My primary software is 3ds max 2020(Vray Next), what plugin or any other thing I can use to animate this huge traffic ? and If I want to animated trees in the scene as well. I need to prepare a flythrough camera of 20 second to show the whole masterplan having canal running through and lots of roads across. Please suggest best solution for these 2 things (Animated trees and vehicles) Best regards
  2. Hey, I am working on a personal project and I am trying to position my render jpeg into the photography image from the place. The problem is, the background image is small and low quality (3552x2000), and there are unique trees that I feel like keeping, rather that replacing with other available cutout trees. I cut out the trees, tried creating a mask by using exposure settings and levels. Since the original jpeg is small, all the tiny branches and details are lost and I don't know how to deal with this. Please, any suggestions welcome. Also, I don't feel confident about the correct blending options etc. because, tre trunks aren't placed and blended properly as well. I could improve that slightly, but what would be the smartest way to do this? Please excuse the low quality of the image. I've attached the photo and the photoshoped image.
  3. Hello! Just looking to update my HDRI library and garden plants/tree library. I would appreciate your opinions on whats worth purchasing? Many Thanks Tom
  4. Hi All, Just a quick post to let you all know of my High Quality 3D Trees & plants that are designed for Archviz and are prepared for Vray renderer. They are created using the awesome GowFX plugin by Exlevel, and you are able to purchase them as a parametric file. When purchasing our GrowFX models as a parametric file, you will be able to change any part of the model to suit your specific needs. Models are para-metrically generated and therefore have the ultimate flexibility of a system that you have complete control over. Most species have approx 4-7 unique models covering different ages, forms & colours so that you have a complete production solution. We also have a wish list section where you can let us know of species you would like to see us create. Please let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards Jamie Kerr 3DMK - Treeline
  5. Hi everyone.... can you please tell which are the best tree models for an Arial view? if possible send link
  6. Hi All, Just a quick post to let you all know about my online Tree/plant models. We have been online for approx a year now & have many satisfied customers. http://www.3dmk.com.au/ 3DMK - TREELINE It’s not just a high-quality model, it’s a complete production solution! Following years of research into creating 3D flora models, 3dmk is proud to introduce Treeline – the new benchmark for photo-realistic digital plants & trees. Our absolute attention to detail results in models that not only look far better than any other, but are truer to species form. Treeline flora models are based on accurate tree and plant taxonomy, which helps deliver the most authentic results.Drawing on over 10 years of professional Archviz experience, all Treeline models are designed to perform at the highest level & under the heaviest of production environments. Treeline is committed to 3D models of the highest quality, versatility and flexibility. When purchasing our GrowFX models, you will be able to change any part of the model to suit your specific needs. Models are parametrically generated and therefore have the ultimate flexibility of a system that you have complete control over. Most species have approx 4-5 unique models covering different ages, forms & colours so that you have a complete production solution. 3dmk – Treeline models are created using the award winning software GrowFX from Exlevel. As GrowFX models are para-metrically generated, you have easy access to change or modify all parts of the model. Everyone’s production needs are different and with GrowFX you can change the model to suit your specific needs, over & over again. We realize that not everyone has access to GrowFX so we also sell an FBX version for most of our models although they are a static mesh & not parametric. The 3dsMax mesh version is also a static mesh. A valid license for GrowFX is needed to use our Parametric GrowFX models Thanks for your time Kind regards Jamie
  7. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there is a way to give an ID to the leafs and another different one the the trunk of the trees so when I change colour of leafs it doesn't affect the trunks aswell. (Using Forest Pack) Thanks, Ramon
  8. Gentleman, I have been out of the loop for a while and recently been asked to produce some exterior renderings. To me adding trees and flowers has always been a pain point as a result of not having the appropriate libraries etc. The company I work for is willing to invest in content so what I a plus. We are not a viz company, we are an architectural design firm. We do not have a visualization specialist in house. Rather most architects like myself needs to be able to general a rendering. With all the said, there isn't much time for modeling trees. We aren't using 3dsmax. We are using cloud rendering from autodesk through Revit at the moment and some photoshop. In addition, we are asked by the client to follow the Landscape Architecture drawings... so we really can't make up foliage too much, and this has been another paint point int the past. 1-I am interested to know how you guys deals with these issues? What do you do when the landscape plans calls out for a ponciana tree and you don't have it. 2-Do you model or use 3d plants? or add them post? if so, can you please recommend a good company that make plans? I have looked at Dosch.. but I am not convinced.
  9. Hello I've released next little pack of my trees for You - dear community This time 4 trees - Acer Platanoides but with more irregular shapes (previous pack was made with reaular shapes for trees). All models are free for commercial use. Models made with ATree3D script and are prepared for 3D Max 2012 and OBJ: http://trzyde.blogspot.com/2014/06/freebies-new-3d-models-of-acer-tree.html Greetings Krzysztof Czerwiński
  10. I've searched out several posts in this and other forums for good places to find realistic trees and plants and haven't really found a good answer. Is there anywhere on the web to download good quality landscape plants? Most of the forum posts I've seen involve scripts and plug-ins for creating trees. If possible I'd really like to save all of that time and just drag and drop. Also trying to figure out what file format the out of the box trees in max design come in and how I might populate the Plant Library palette with any new finds. Thank You
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Stas Mikhailov. I work as an architect in Minsk, Belarus. here I will post my models of vegetation. Long time ago I made ​​a few species of grass and now I decided to put them on this forum. In the future I may also be going to post here trees, bushes and other vegetation. I use GrowFX plugin for 3Ds MAX to create all this models.
  12. Hi Guys, Long time reader, first time poster... I have a scene where i have roughly 200 trees (3 different types) 100 bushes (1 type) all Archmodels from evermoton.org and the polycount is killing my render times. Its not the material as i am rendering the scene in "material override", and so i was wondering if there's a way to reduce this and speed up render times? How do people overcome this? Thanks
  13. What resources are you using to create vegetation (trees, grass, plants, etc) in Cinema 4D?
  14. Recently,i'm working on an architecture animation,and i find out rendering a cluster of trees with VR2side mtl is very painful.... the tree that i use have at least 80,000 polygon My question is which is the best solution for trees in Close-up and Long Shot?and it must be realistic. Thanks!
  15. Hello everybody, i'm trying to render a scene in rhino (v-ray 1,5) that has a many low poly trees. The trees just don't render. I don't know what to do. It seems there is just too much objects in the scene. BUT I NEED THE TREES, after all it is a park! Please help!
  16. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Other Software: 3Ds MAX 2011; VRay 2.0 Description: Hi, This is just a simple Japanese Bridge I created this weekend. It is not finished yet, I apologize for some noisy grainy textures, but I sadly don't have enough computing power yet to create higher detailed previews with so much flora. Feel free to critique this render.
  17. AUTUMN SALES STARTED! Enjoy savings up to 25% for all 3d models from the 15th of September till the 15th of October 2011 in CG Architect Shop! I'm working over updates and new collections now, it will be released in October, 2011. In the next update I plan to make: 1. New realistic textures and materials for VRay and Mental Ray. 2. Split collection and make 3d models for VRay and Mental Ray separated. 3. Remake some of 3d models in HQ Palms 1, HQ Grass 1, HD Flowers 1 / Roses, HD Trees 3 / Boxwood. I will make more realistic and natural plants and reduce polygon size. 4. HQ Plants 1 & 2 will be renamed to HD Trees 1 & 2, HQ Palms 1 - HD Palms 1 5. HQ Grass will be split to 2 different collections - HD Grass 1 (grass) and HD Flowers 6 (meadow flowers). Please, don't worry - you will get both of them. New 3d models will be created for both collections. 6. New light rigs and demo scenes to help you setup easily lighting and rendering your scenes. 7. New tutorials and user manual. 8. New 3d models of roses for HD Flowers 1 collection. I made photos of different roses in huge rose garden in Paris. 9. Integrate all 3d models to Forest Pack library. 10. New low-poly 3d models with big leaves for background. Please write your feedback and bug reports! Help me to make good 3d models for you! If you need special trees or flowers just ask me and I'll model it. I thinking about wish list of most popular plants, changes in structure and organization of my 3d libraries and if you have new ideas or/and plant's wish list please send it to me. The last update released in summer 2010, if you don't have it please email me. All updates are FREE as always Best regards, Konstantin Kim, www.3dmentor.ru
  18. Studio/Institution: Self Improvement Genre: Landscaping Software: 3D Max (Mental Ray) + Photoshop Description: Hi all - this was the fruit of a few tests I've been doing with Onyx trees, leaf materials, proxy dispersion, etc. Just for fun!
  19. Hi Guys, I am using Rhino 5 WIP 64bits and Maxwell 2.0.3 do make an architectural animation which i think has not been done much before:confused: I am struggling to find trees/people/objects apart from google warehouse which is quite limited. Maxwell/Rhino doesn't accept much more than 40,000 polygons in total before it crashes therefore i need the trees to be quite lowres. Many thanks, Arthur
  20. I'm looking for a plug-in that allows me to scatter proxy objects in order to create a dense forest area. I'm using Onyx trees. Forest Pack Pro or Multi-scatter?
  21. Studio/Institution: mooneye Genre: Residential Exterior Software: max vray photoshop onyx Website: http://www.mooneye.nl Description: This is an old farm that will get renovated. The building will consist of appartments.
  22. Hello everyone this is my older competition entry it was done in summer of 2009. I was testing vRay proxy vegetation. But sadly winner is unknown till this date. I think i was cheated a bit.. It was done in 3DSMax 2009 - vRay - PS C&C welcome
  23. Hi Everybody, I am completely new to 3Ds Max. Untill now I was rendering small buildings in AutoCAD Architecture (nightmare and very poor results). What amazes me in Max are very realistic trees and plants (I have never used .3ds or .obj, all finishes I have done in Photoshop). I have some library of objects (.obj) but I am clueless how to apply materials to get realistic leaves, flowers etc. Could somebody help me, please?
  24. Hi, Please could you advise which plugin is best for shrubs, bushes, foliage and trees for architectural 3D Imaging 3D Animation 3dsmax renders. Thanks for any advice.
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