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Found 25 results

  1. Hey Folks, I just started with vray 3 for Rhino. They changed the color-mapping options and also refection subdivisions don't seem to work as I am used to from 2.0. These issues are resulting in the white dots in reflections, that i could normally very well avoid by using the "subpixel mapping". Has any of you some suggestions how to target that? many thanks!
  2. Does anyone know why the "Subdivs" in the Reflect and Refract sections of the new Vray 3.3 Material editor show as grey'ed out? I can't type in any number to increase my subdivs. see attached image please help!!!!!!!
  3. Hi all ~ Please see the attached image. It shows:FAILED to Overwrite C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\cgauth.dll Any idea ? http://chuantu.biz/t5/47/1486626949x3738415070.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-54-vz9wYa_4HHGHVRzWV8uunNHnWMmC4xDK-vSI2kI8bn95aDVTrJG6eBS3jQSdVi3VQggtkd_d7-o=w1920-h936-rw
  4. Hell to everyone! I am dealing with a very strange issue in v-ray 3.40.01 in 3ds max 2016. I want to render an interior bedroom i made but when i am trying to render the full frame i get noise everywhere. The funny part is that when i am trying to render a small selected region of the image the noise disappears and everything seem fine, but when i render the whole scene the noise is back. It seems to my eyes that it's like vray cant finish the render so when i select a small region it is easier to render it. Any ideas what to do, or what might be the problem? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm rendering an exterior view and want to show a photo as the background image. I expected the background image to stay the same as it was, however it becomes quite dark and there's a glowing spot in the render image. Please see attached file. Note that the sun in the scene is actually behind the house, to the left. So I don't know why in the render image, there's a glow in the right hand corner. I'm using 3ds Max 2016 and Vray Adv 3.20.02. How to get rid of that glow? Any advice is much appreciated.
  6. Studio/Institution: Future portfolio piece Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3Ds Max 2014, Vray 3.0, Description: Hi. I would be really grateful if you could give me some feedback on one of my renders. The render is hopefully going to be the first in a portfolio of work. I really need some work. I'm just not sure where to go. The irradience map is set to the low pre-set and the light cache is at 500. This is really for to speed. Any feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  7. Hi, For one reason or another after reinstalling my vray 3.2. when I try to render using the camera all my renders come out with this silver look. I'll attach an image and my settings.
  8. Dear all, I have been tinkering with 3ds max years ago and wanting to focus more on how to do realistic render in interior design.. I have read lots of tutorial and vray setting on the internet and adapt their setting in my scene, however, it seems I still can't achieve the desired result.. When the vray window filled the raytrace and light cache, the image seems good, but when the rendering process start, the image seems to be brighter and don't seems realistic at all.. If you look at my attached image, the right part before rendering seems fairly good and not too much saturation.. I also like the shadow on the ceiling.. After the render process (on the left) all things are brighter.. My question is, is there any setting that I should focus on to achieve the right side part? Or you usually did that on photoshop? Honestly I don't want to rely on photoshop heavily.. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello guys, I have a query. Does anyone know a workflow for converting a file made using corona to vray? I am concerned mainly with materials.
  10. Studio/Institution: kaiserbold Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds Max 2016, Vray 3.3 Website: http://kaiserbold.com/ Description: Hi all, we would like to present you our ongoing project inspired by some beautiful images from interior stylist Emily Henson. The attached moodboard is excellent example how playing with colours and patterns can create authentic and original interiors. So, how do you pull off a Bohemian Modern look without creating a mess? Currently we are so hooked on it that you can expect more hippie images of "this & that" style. Enjoy and write what do you think https://www.behance.net/kaiserbold https://www.facebook.com/kaiserbold/
  11. I kind of used the settings in the link to render my animation faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLyDQ-UhekA First bounces: Irradiance map and second: Light cache. Half of the frames of the animation looks like someone poured coffe over it. I used the approximate directions of the link before and it worked on another animation project.
  12. Hello folks, I have a situation where i have a single object, and i want to use VrayDisplMod just on some elements. I have them separated with IDs, but the channels doesn't work ( or i am doing it wrong ). Is there a way of achieving that the modifier will be used lets say only on elements with ID 1 ? Thank you much for help. Stefan
  13. Hey, I am 3dsmax/Vray Visualizer. I am always struggling for nice intensity for Greenary and Foliage. My Trees, Ivy, Grasses, Bushes and any kind of planting renders a bit dark and low exciting. I really pushed my self into this, I am sick of these. I tried everything I can do. I used, Archmodels, CGAxis, Itoo Presets, Laubwrek, iGrasses, iBushes and iTrees but there is no success. I attached my render and Real Archmodels PDF Smaple pic. See difference your self. I used and Vizpark HDRI with quite nice intensity. If I put Higher Values than I am near of what I want but it burns out whole scene. Also attaching lots of Images that describes how I need my Greens to look like. Thanks in Advance ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]53609
  14. Hi Guys, could anybody tell me why is it that when i switch the Default Geometry to Dynamic it doesen´t use all the available RAM? I´m runing it on a machine equipped with 18 GB of RAM, i´ve set a value of 16400 on the Dyn mem limit. When i swich it to static i uses all of my 18 GB but on Dynamic it only uses about 9 GB and i´m giving it the 16400 value. Hope somebody has the solution, thanks!!! PD: Sorry about my English
  15. Hi I created a dome light with hdri map and rendered the scene and everything was ok. Then I added a sun for getting better shadows but it didn't change the lightning at all ! I even Increased sun Intense. Mult. but it didn't make any difference. I watched alot of tutorials about adding vray sun with hdri sky but I don't know the problem. What could be the problem ?
  16. Hi guys, I've just upgrade to Max 2014 and Vray 3. And I'm doing some test about Distributed Rendering But I got a weird problem... When I render my test scene (2 textured planes and a couple of teapot): -Sometimes It's all fine (the 1st render of the day for instance is always OK) - Some nodes/spawner don't render their bucket with 1 texture... - Some nodes/spawner don't render their bucket with both texture... I did absolutely no change between these 3 renders, just hit the "Render" button 3 times in a row... These results seems totally random to me :/ My "render-PCs" have the same mapped drive. I just dont get it... Do you have any idea about what is going on?
  17. Hi All, As I am relatively new to Max, Vray & PS please bear with me for the lack of knowledge. I have created an architectural model in Max and used Vray for the texturing etc. and decided to render out the 2 separate images, the background with trees and the foreground with the model in. I then saved these as PNG files in order to retain the alpha channels ready for photoshop but before doing so looking at attached photo 1 you can see black transparency in the glass railing around the balcony. Sorry for the small confusing image, sick and tired of rendering this multiple times, photo 3 shows better elemental relationship. I think the issue is down to the fact that behind this glass railing is another glass window, then an interior wall and then an exterior wall and that Max is getting completely confused with the alpha channel in that area. Basically the results I am getting is within photo 2 where you can completely see the whole background image through the model, it is rediculous. Like I say I am a newbie so I do not know if this is correct but I attempted to add a colour correction map to the opacity slot of my glass material and the results are in photo 4. Transparency was reduced but it has just caused a more dull effect and certainly not what I am looking for as I need a solid wall behind. (If it is of any use Photo 3 also shows glass material parameters). As this is my first ever thread, I would be greatly appreciative of any help in resolving this matter. Danny. http://postimg.org/image/toxjo25hx/ (Photo 1) http://postimg.org/image/4wxxgtob9/ (Photo 2) http://postimg.org/image/n4zcvggut/ (Photo 3) http://postimg.org/image/uwg2u0l05/ (Photo 4)
  18. Hi guys What really i m looking for is to create a realistic scene, this is my last render and i m looking for getting a better one, but i reach a place where i don't know what missed, the goal of this scene is to show this Villa (Design) in it's real environment. Please, give me your opinion and specify your answer in an element or material or any thing you find it wrong Thanks
  19. Hi guys, I've just upgrade to Max 2014 and Vray 3. And I'm doing some test about Distributed Rendering But I got a weird problem... When I render my test scene (2 textured planes and a couple of teapot): -Sometimes It's all fine (the 1st render of the day for instance is always OK) - Some nodes/spawner don't render their bucket with 1 texture... - Some nodes/spawner don't render their bucket with both texture... I did absolutely no change between these 3 renders, just hit the "Render" button 3 times in a row... These results seems totally random to me :/ My "render-PCs" have the same mapped drive. I just dont get it... Do you have any idea about what is going on?
  20. For some reason while rendering using distributed rendering with 3ds Max 2014 and Vray 3 we get an error in the Vray log box that say's "Warning: Unable to create light from node Light 120". I also included a screen shot of the error. Anyone know what this is???? please any help would be great! Thanks!
  21. Hi guys, I'm an architect, working in Lebanon, This is my render photo, i tried so hard to achieve a realistic picture i worked so hard on very small details of the models and the materials, now i'm so disappointed because as you can see the result is so far away form what i thought it would be, any one can tell me where was my fault, Material?, Modeling?, Lighting?, and how can i fix that, i know that i can do Post - production to add background or using Hdri may help but i think that doesn't fix my real problem
  22. When I render a particular scene, and have the Vray Lens effect on, when vray applies the lens effect on the final render, it completely makes it white..... any ideas why?
  23. Studio/Institution: College Genre: Residential Interior Software: Vray 3 Max 14 Description: Hello, I have this image i would like you guys to comment on. The are a lot of problems with it but my biggest concern is the noise. Total render time for this image was 8.4 hrs (!) on a 3770 @ 4.4. Normally what i do to get rid of noise is increase subdivisions per material but that is just not working. Also, the only way I have been able to get clean results is by increasing adaptive image sampler max to like 50-75 subdivisions. I would post my settings for this image if you would like to see them, i used mid-high settings. Thank you.
  24. Hello everyone, hope all is well! So here is my problem... I'm save an "OpenExr" from within the Vray Frame Buffer (Vray raw image file) so that all of my Vray render elements like Ambient Occlusion, Specular, etc save right into the OpenExr file. I'm using the "ProExr" plugin for Photoshop (http://www.fnordware.com/ProEXR/) and everything comes in perfect into the layers in one file so I don't have to render separate passes. I can even bring the exr files into after effects, etc. BUT, for some reason the OpenExr always comes into Photoshop with a Transparent background right away rather than the color background I have in 3ds Max. Why is this?
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