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Maximum PC mag?

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Anyone out there read Maximum PC? Was wondering what your opinion about it is? I pick up a copy every now and then in the airport when on a long trip, just to make sure that those around me know I'm as geeky as it gets regardless of my good looks and smooth talking.


Anyway, it seems to me that it has changed a lot in recent years. It seems more bias towards certain processors, the writing seems less interesting, and the stories seem more like product advertising. Now, they are still better then other mags, but was wondering, if anyone reads it, and what is your opinion on the mag?

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I used to read it as it was the only magazine for computer enthusiasts who were into building and tweaking their own computers. However, some time ago the original editor, Brad "Bid Daddy" Dosland quit because of 'changes' going on that he didn't specify. Ever since then, it's gone downhill, with less original content and more rehashing of the same stories over and over. I don't check it out anymore because I see it as another biased magazine with fluff (used to be really anti-fluff back in the day).

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One thing to remember about computer magazines...


They are about computer history. Not the present world of computers.


By the time a magazine hits the shelves, its 3-4 months before current trends.


If you'd like some sites to pick up some current information on computers, I'd be happy to share some with you.

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