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quadro4 980xgl or 750 xgl

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I think he's looking for benchmarks...not pr.


Here's a site with a massive roundup of video cards in a variety of applications.




Should show you some of the differences between the cards your looking at.


If it was me...I'd see what I already have, and decide if I really need to upgrade..or If I can wait for the next batch of video cards in Q1 2004.

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Hi all

I have a ti 4400 and ti4600 on a 3ghz processor etc. etc.

but looking for a pro card without spending A$5000.

the 5900 ultra from leadtek looks good but it is

a game card and do not know if really work on max

or lightscape very good.

What you think.


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Because rivatuner is no longer a "full solution."


Its great if you need to save some bucks, and still want some performance...but the fact you have to constantly wait for the softquad hacks to catch up to nvidia's drivers, plus the fact its not a full conversion (unlike the geforce2/geforce3's) will discourage many professionals from working with it.

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just a thought: cgarchitect.com and even the pro audio and visual communites seem to be very much against the use of hacking software. The argument against it is always given with analogies that go something along the lines of: "if you can't afford a mercedes, do you steal it cause it's what you want?" ...I'm throwing this out there: why is it that hacking software is "bad" yet hacking hardware is "ok."? I'm not judging but I honestly want everyone's opinion?


Also, assuming it's ok because a) you bought the card, and b) you're doing it yourself, that does that mean that if one buys one version of a software (a "lite" version) and cracks the code to open the full features, are they ok?


see what happens when you drink too much coffee?

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all depend on what software you use.

I mean, if you are waiting performance from 3dsmax, it is really a solution for professionnals.

If you work with UGS, RT doesn't increase perf.


I'm not in "hacking softs" but I agree with schmoron13 and more over :

do you consider moral that NVidia or ATI use the same chip but in different package for both players and professionals ?

I'm not just talking about price but more about techniques.

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Hey Dapper,


The Geforce and Quadro chips are no longer identical.


The last revision where both chips had the same transistor count was the Geforce 3.


The only difference between a Geforce 3 and a Quadro DCC, was the ID resistor. The Silkscreening of the Quadro DCC even said Geforce 3 when you took the heatsink off :) .


Starting with the Geforce4/Quadro4's, the actual transistor counts of the chips began to change.


This has further extended into the current FX crop, with substaintal differences between the two cores.


The "hacked" Geforce FX's do not have true Hardware AA lines, Dual-link DVI-I capability, or the advanced percision functions of the Quadro line.


This is best seen (the differences between the two cores) in Maya 5's Hardware renderer.




What alias doesn't show you, is that the Geforce's WILL work, but at a massive loss in percision.


Basically you can't render animations with a geforce card, cause the damn pixels are different in every frame.


Of course, if your not using maya, CAD apps, or certain other applications, this percision isn't needed.


But be sure...they are not the same core anymore, and there are differences between them, even when you do use a hack.

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Hi Greg,

if I understand :

- RT gives me some accelerations in the applications I use but I don't have to consider I have a quadro because it's not physically a quadro due to the conception.

- RT just lets me use some professionnal parameters included in the quadro drivers.

- it has to be considered as an acceleration tool but not in all applications.

- It lets me use Maxtreme in 3DSMAX and Maxtreme provides me a lot of acceleration and functionnalities in this application.

- It gives me high score results in specviewperf 7 comparable to the scores obtained by a quadro FX2000 but not in every bench !


I'm not specialized in hardware but it is just what I was expecting from my 190$ GPU.


In 1999, I put a lot of money in a HP workstation dual CPU(3500$) with an Evans&Sutherland GPU (1000$) included. One year after, I upgraded my OS to win2000 and my card was no longer supported. I stayed in winNT4 2 years more because of my graphic card.

From this time, until now, I buy gaming card and I tweak dem. Ok, even if it's not the same, I can tell you it works like a charm.

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