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Hot Tip - Processor Affinity

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Hey guys, found this out yesterday while helping someone troubleshoot an issue. Its quite useful and wanted to pass it along.



On Windows NT and Windows 2000, you can permanently set the processor

affinity for an application executable by

using the imagecfg.exe tool. This tool is located in the

\support\debug\i386 folder on a Windows NT cdrom or from the Windows 2000

Server Resource Kit Supplement. Open a DOS prompt and enter in the


imagecfg -a 0xn c:\program files\sybase\Jaguar CTS\bin\jagsrv.exe


where 0xn is the affinity mask and maps to a cpu as follows:

CPU Mask

0 0x1

1 0x2

2 0x4

3 0x8

4 0x10

5 0x20




To set priority from the command line...


For example, if the application is Excel and you want to set a base priority

for this application of high, then use this command:


Start /high excel.exe


So after you set the processor affinity to the second cpu, you could set it

to high, or realtime priority by adding a /high or /realtime to the shortcut

command line.


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