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Wanting to record animations from computer to VHS format

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I'm wanting to start creating flythroughs and other forms of animation and want to be able to record them onto VHS format. I was wondering if anybody could tell me exactly what I need to transfer from my computer on to tape. I was told that I need a TV out video card, but another person told me that there's other hardware that 's used for this purpose. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks to everybody.

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Hmm that's a fairly vague question because you can buy a 10,000 NLE video capture board or work with one that costs under $200 and then there is the really cheap way. What is your budget for this? What is your end use of the VHS? For demo or for 'broadcasting'? These twoi questions will dictate the solution.


You might want to look at these manufacturers, AVID,Leitch,Pinnacle among others and see if they have a solution for you that's affordable. After figuring out the vidoe capture card issue, there is the NLE software/Editing/authoring software issue. Do you just want to be able to show on VHS what you do or will this be for your client use?


You probably want to know the cheapest way huh? Get those hardware MPEG DVD decoder (by Sigma) with TV video composite OUT and audio. Just record your animations as MPEG/DVIX and play it on the DVD player while you press 'record' on your VCR :)


If you got a MiniDV camcorder, you might want to look at Pinancle's Studio DV card/software bundle for under $200 if you can afford it, try Leitch's Velocity or try to find an old PVR card which is really nice. If you need a fast video card then consider the QuadroFX 3000 since that ahs a GENLOCK out capability now. I hope this helps!


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Like Arnold asked, what's the VHS for? That will truly determine the necessary extent of your solution. I had to do this for years (before DV and DVD became so easy and popular) with both "guerilla" methods and a $10K Digisuite. I might be able to offer some advice if I know the purpose.


Let us know,

Ken Walton

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