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3D furniture in development

Matt Sugden

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Hi All,


Early on this year my company had a job where we were aksed to produce about 100 models of ye'olde english furniture, in high poly detail for a furniture retailer and now I have some breathing space in my schedule I've decided I'm going to try and make these commercially availalbe for the visualisation community, as I've not come across anything similar. Before I do this however, i wanted to get some feedback regarding what formats people would be keen to see these models in and indeed whether they think these models maybe useful? The were originally created in Max5, however I am quite up for trying to suite them to as many apps as possible, so if anyone has any requests please let me know and I'll see what I can do.


The other issue I've considered, is whether people would be more inclined to download single models from a website, file size could be as large as 20Meg in a few cases, or whether people would typically just prefer a CD with them all on? Any comments.


I've attached an image with the kind of models I'm talking about.






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Hello Matt , I saw that web with the forniture and it is just what we are needing.

I'd like to know if the models shown there are all models you have available of there are more.

I 'd need all of them , but the sofas are in the first place, i saw in that link 3 sofes and 4 armchairs , do you have more sofas?

I'd need them in max format with the materials added.

I use vray in my scenes , may be you have the materials done for Vray?


Well tell me the price for thed models, and how you think is the best way to get them (by downloading or FEDEX :D ..)


thanks a lot and you can contact me here alv3d@yahoo.com



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DVD w/ everything.. The main issue is allocating the location of all the textures.. having one texture base file would be good.

Vray mats and Standard mats...

Max format and DXF Format.


Probably be $100.00 -- $120.00 US per DVD for what you have on your website...


Look at Dosche design....




Another thing which is interesting is that the availability of 3D furniture has influenced what we spec. When I’ve worked with our interior people we’ve called a company we wanted to detail and found that they didn’t have 3D furniture, and chose another one simple based upon what 3D models they had.

In other cases I've had to model it myself.. but when is there time for that..



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great models. personally, i think it would be a good idea to have them available both on dvd and download. i may only want one or two chairs, and usually need stuff like that spur of the moment, but sometimes the firm will splurge and purchase a bundle of stuff. i'm interested in a couple chars for sure though. let us know how it ends up. i'll give you business.

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Nice models, although I don't think I'll really need them.

But by offering them only in max and dxf format you'øll certainly limit your audience a lot. Max format demands that the user have max installed, which we don't all have, and dxf contains no texture data or uv mapping.

Offering them in more open formats like 3ds, obj, lwo, wrl would be a better idea IMO.

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