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Still having problems

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I have a problem here at my job. I work with 2 computers. Computer 1 works fine other than I can not use the scanner and Adobe premiere without being logged in as some one else. Computer 2 also has this problem have recently installed viz4 and max4. But I can not us the damn programs without being logged in as someone else. Error is failed to initalize license. Is this a administration problem? I think so I am limited on the privlages here and have no idea how to help fix this problem. The admin is lacking in experiance also and is having a very hard time.


Please help

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You need poweruser access and/or admin access to use high end apps...


To really prevent all problems, you should have full admin access to the machines. If your admin is too scared to deal with someone having admin access, have him fired.


I give all 121 of my computer users full admin access to their machines...sure every once in awhile someone screws something up, but you sure getta a hell of a lot less calls about (This won't install) or (This won't run correctly).


You can try just having your admin give you poweruser access to the machine...but I don't think that will solve all your problems.


If he doesn't know how to assign poweruser access to a user, send him to some windows 2000 classes.


Sorry if I sound harsh to your poor admin, but I was hired to replace an incompetent one at my workplace, and I've spent the last year correcting all the problems he caused. He was so bad, that people actually thought that computers were supposed to crash all the time. Grr... They're all surprised now that they can actually use the machines.


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