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Onyx Vray Proxies

John Martin

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Hi all,


I am looking to see if this method will work well for creating Vray proxies of Onyx trees (I only have the broadleaf and conifer packages and not treestorm)


create tree in Onyx (how do I make leaves basic geometry and not opacity mapped since this will be not be a closeup render and I do not need the detail)

export out to 3DS

import tree into Max

apply materials to trees not using opacity mapped materials

convert to vrmesh and create proxy

scatter proxy as necessary


Is this correct? I posted on the chaos website as well so I thought I would ask here as well.

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Hey guys, gonna bump this thread now -- the Scatter plugin you're referring to Tyrol was last compiled in 2001 for max4, so unfortunately it doesn't work for 8. Anyone have any other possibilities for scattering objects? I need to do a forest comprised of different VRay proxies, but painting them all with Advanced Painter would take forever...




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