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Faceted Curves on import to Max

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Upon a quick search, i have found no answers to this question although i apologise if i am repeating a previously answered question.

When modelling in sketchup and importing to Max , is there a way to avoid faceted faces on the curves. Note - I have tried the smooth modifier to no-avail.

I feel that this may be because max is reading shapes such as cylinders as a series of faces, so when using the smooth modifier, it merely smooths each face, and not the object as a whole.


Any ideas as to a quick fix for this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Pre-emptive Thanks


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Also, remember that Sketchup curves aren't real curves - it's faceted geometry with a curve flag that Sketchup reads. That isn't compatible with the file formats used for transferring to other program, so you need to find the equivalent in your other program and use it (like Autosmooth, as Martin said).

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We see this all the time at my employment.


You need to make sure all the verticies are welded together first, then select the mesh at the polygon level, clear all smoothing at the bottom of the max edit mesh modifier and then apply an autosmooth.


Hope this helps



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