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Problem with black dots on vray


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Hi! I'm using vray and 3ds max 7, when I shoot the render somes black dots apears on the wall surfaces and other objects. This is the screenshoot from the log and the render view. I am using free spot for the spot lights a vray light for the windows a hdri (maybe unuseful) for exterior lighting and a direct light for sun. A used vray spheres for the interior of the table lamps.


The ScreenShot from render view is incomplete, the black dots apears anyway.






I hope any one can helpme please, sorry for my english is not very well :p Iam uploading the archived file with textures, for any one who wants download that for more datails, I am using color correct plugin too, but this error steel apear with or without it.


Hi!! Here is the link to download the full archive with textures and max file, and the full rendered image, I hope one of you can help me please....







I wait for your reply... thanks!!

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Not, I'm not using Standar Materials, I using VrayMt , in some cases I apply a VrayMtlwrapper to have more control about individual GI objects...

I fund a material with 255 255 255 RGB color in the wall surface, but I didn´t use that color in final render, cause I has a bitmap texture, I dont know if that make a diference... any way...


You can download the scene if you want, I´m going to try changing the colors, thnx!!!


If you find an other solution tell me it please... :D

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The suggestions on the website Rick provided a link to are good, but i think in your case they will only make the problem worse. I'm betting that you can fix the problem by simply reducing the IR HSph. subdivs or the QMC Sampler Noise threshold.


I rarely ever go higher than 20 on IR HSph subdivs because doing so can result in extremely long rendering times. In your case you used 50, but if you reduce to 20 you can cut your rendering time to about a third or a quarter and the spots will probably go away.


The default Noise threshold of 0.01 is usually pretty good even for production renders, though 0.005 may sometimes be necessary. Here again you can reduce the render times to a fraction by not using such a low amount. You used 0.003 which is a high quality setting, but unnecessary for this scene. Increasing this to the default 0.01 will also probably fix the spot problem.

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Hi!! every one!, I test some of the possible solutions you posted, I rendered again the image, I reduce the intesity with "normalize lights" of the VrayLight from the livingroom window, reduce the Ir HSPH to 40 and the noise threshold to 0.01, the voila, the result is fine, but i didnt finish yet.


Thnx very much all of you :p big hug!



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