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shoping mall exterior

kulbir bal

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GOD these bloody shopping malls, do they have to look so bad!! Not your rendering i mean ;) It's good, just that the vegetation is a bit too ordered (palm trees especially) try varying their scale at least if u can't vary their individual look.


Also maybe with all that colour saturation in the building you could try desaturate a bit the sky and the grass, plus less colourful entourage, just an idea, not sure but it all seems so MUCH.it's a pretty good render overall though.


Hey and crop the top part of the sky, you're losing focus by adding all that sky. And those people and cars in the foreground steal WAY too much attention, either eliminate them or shift them to the side. Even that red car just moving into the scene, make it grey or smthg.


Just my ideas, maybe i'm just tripping, i'm still learning. attached a quick mockup of what ammends i'd make

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