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desktop text is blurred...why?

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It's good that you have a graphics card. Your blur isn't showing up as blurred on my monitor. Do you have an LCD monitor? Is it running at lower than its maximum resolution? Half the people I know who have LCDs run them at a lower-than-optimal res, which makes it blurry, because they want their text large, but the real answer is to run the monitor res high and increase the screen font size.

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Quick fix. Try another monitor. If it looks the same, try a different cable. If it looks the same, the video card's RFI filters could be damaged.


In which case, if you have a dual output card (DVI-I and HD15) you're in luck. The DVI-I is filterless (the converter handles it). Pick up, or borrow a DVI-I to hd15 connector and try using the DVI-I port.


This is assuming your monitor hertz and resolution is set properly.

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Change the Htz rating on your monitor under graphics card settings

Right click desktop go to properties




and change that to either the highest it can handle or sometimes i have found monitors work better at a certain rate if its a bit of a lower quality monitor.

Also make sure you do this in steps untill it looks right and always click apply not ok, because if it goes out of frequency you get a little screwed unless ya really know what ya doing


Didnt read the reply up one from me he saying the same thing lol :p

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