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an idea after hours looking my screen !


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Yes, I know only one idea in few hours, I could try to improve, but...

You know all this german site which proposes us to share vray materials?


Could CGarchitecte.com propose sort same idea but with the purpose of testing our own computers? I mean, a generic scene ( or more ) that we could render each of us as to create a sort of survey for configurations. Like that, we would know what to buy, we could even learn not to launch a too long rendering process which will explode our deadlines ! A sort of chart linking together a type of scene with a type of configuration, hours of computing, etc...

A slow idea which could accelerate things, no? :confused::D:p


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They do this sort of thing (though not in any organized fashion like you're suggesting) over on the VRay forums. They've got a pretty hefty test scene that utilizes a variety of effects (reflections, refractions, caustics, etc.) and folks post their render times along with their hardware specs in a massive "benchmark" thread. But I agree, some tabulation of all that information would really be awesome.



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