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Problem doing Build of LC in Vray


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I got this strange "problem" when I am doing 1200x800 rendering the building of light cache seem not to want to finish. It goes fine unthil a certain point then the time used and estimated time left is increasing all the time. Take a look at the progress dialog box.


Have anyone experienced this ? I am just impatient, maybe it will finish? but I let it go to approx. 45 Mins. then I stop it. On lower resolution it is okay.

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I think what is happening is that the light cache is running out of ram. This could be caused by using light cache in a large scene on world scale or because you samples are too small and using too much ram.

Whenever I have run into this problem the light cache keeps getting slower and slower so that it would never finish calculating.


I have run into this problem before. Usually I just switch to qmc instead of light cache and that sorts it but if you have to use light cache then try adjusting your sample size to a larger value.

If its for a still image make sure you use screen if its an animation then I always use world as thats what its say in the chaosgroup support.

It also says if you use light cache in world scale on a very large scene then you can run out of ram but doesnt suggest what you should do to sort this problem so if I am doing an animation and hit this problem I just switch to qmc.

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