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Real GI vs Faking-It for Animation?

Claudio Branch

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It's true, I have been faking it!


Especially on my large outdoor scenes...


...but I am thinking that I may want to change my ways.


If I want to use true GI in an animation, it seems that I must contend with the problem of flicker. To overcome this problem, I need to use an FG map or irradiance map with mental ray or v-ray respectively.



Q1 - Does the map completely remove all flicker?


Q2 - Is GI better suited for interiors vs large exterior scenes?



In my animation work, several objects are moving besides the camera, so I need a large map that is essentially frame by frame x several camera angles.



Q3 - When multiple camera views are needed, is the cost of multiple FG/irradiance maps the best approach?


Q4 - Unless I am going for absolute accuracy (with regards to lighting), is using true GI even desireable for animation?



Any thoughts or suggestions from those of you using GI in animation would be appreciated.

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Yeah, I'd say especially for scenes with moving objects. I haven't had to deal with that one yet, but I will soon. I just finished an animation with GI using Vray and I used a precalculated IR map and it was flicker free. You can also get some flicker from low AA settings so watch that too.

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I've done it in Vray using a normal "fakiosity" rig and it's worked quite well. I like it with a mix of slightly yellow and blue lights and an alomt white sun with a bit of blue in the shadow, and a mix of colors in the up-from-below-the-ground lights for whatever colors would be reasonable to be reflecting. An HDR environment helps a lot.

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Well HDR maybe a whole new post for me...


I have not tried to use one yet, but I suppose picking the right one will naturally transmit alot of "reflected" color. I also believe that the HDR should take on the role of a fill light?


Any good sources (read FREE) out there for acquiring said HDR's?

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