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Render in 5x7?


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For your reference....


Max will shoot out an image at 72 DPI. All things being equal, a large scale image that is intended to be viewed from across the room (say an architectural presentation) 100 DPI is sufficient with 150 being optimal (for speed, size of image, and printed resolution). Anything coming out of an 11x17 printer needs to be at least 200 DPI. I have found that anything smaller is fuzzy.


Here is the genius of these rules of thumb. If you make a presentation image of 20x 30 inches at 100 DPI, you don't need to resample, simply change the DPI to 200, and you will print 10x15. It can be a big time saver.


Now, if you want photo level of detail, and assuming your printer can produce such an image, you really want to be at around 400 DPI. In 90% of all cases, that is overkill (unless you are a professional). Your file sizes are going to be ridiculous if you work at this scale, and any photoshop work will take forever.


To sum up, manta is telling you 3x so get to 226 DPI...which will produce very nice image.


These are based off of my experience. Many people like to work larger, but I find it a waste of time.

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