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Glass refraction problem

Stephen Thomas

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Please check out attachment below. The refraction seems distorted on the glass balustrades on right hand side of image, esp. where looking through two layers at a right angle. Im just using standard glass setup for vray mtl, 100% reflection/refraction, fresnel on, IOR 1.5.


Any suggestions?? Also glass material seems to be casting shadow, I've tried checking affect shadow but has no effect.


Thanks. :confused:



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Does your glass object have thickness or not? If not, then you can't use ior of 1.5. You have to make it 1 or 1.01. For the shadows, go to the object properties and uncheck cast & receive shadows.


Thanks for the reply Tim. :)


My glass has thickness of 10mm, which is why I thought level of refraction seemed overly excessive. I'm new to vray and vray materials, but I never had any problems with this using the old architectural materials. Tried turning fresnel off and the results were just strange.


Any further thoughts?

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Problem solved!


Should have known really with the two planes at right angles being the culprit. I had max depth for reflection/refraction limited to 3 under global switches, changed to 5 and everything's sorted.


Thanks for the shadow tip!




P.S. Here's the amended image, much better.



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