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Larger screen slower work efficentcy?

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Hi Guys,


We are looking into buying larger Monitors at work, possibly up to 30" (Apple monitors). We currently use 21" widescreen. We are just wondering though if the has any effect on the efficentcy of the programs being used because of the larger number of active pixels. Our main Programs are C4D, Photoshop and Vectorworks.


Many thanks in advance

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^^ I think you guys are under-estimating the performance hit.


30" screens are quite large (which is a good thing), and with more visible pixels, means more pixels to move (Dell's 3007WFP has a rez of 2560 x 1600, which is a whopping 4.1 million pixels).


So yes, performance will indeed be affected... but, to what extent? If you are already running 21" dual screens (approximately 2.6 million pixels), then I would say the speed would be slightly slower than what you run now - probably won't even notice. If you run a single 21" (1.3 million pixels) then it will be slower, but probably not slow enough to make you regret the screen upgrade.


Of course if a company can afford 30" screen, then also look into getting new videocards in 6 months or so if there is a problem.

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