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does anyone play 2nd Life? what about a 'virtual' CGA island?


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hey, does anyone play 2nd Life?

what about a 'virtual' CGA island?


how does This all work?


maybe if we had our own CGA 2nd Life 'virtual' space

Then we could hang out (well hang over) and have a few


i dont know but i Think you can 'design' your own area

not sure about That, but it is something different To do


well, if not anything official CGA Then how about if some

want To start a 'virtual' cg colony and do something online




just another Off-Topic idea



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It's fun, and a bit addictive for the first few weeks ;-). After using serious 3D tools, it's very difficult to accept the fact there they don't have any import options, so you are limited to their extremely clunky building tools.


There are a few people building some cool stuff there though. Check out the Farnsworth house (a prefab virtual model you can buy), and some architecture firms have actually placed their models on an island for clients to walk through!


Fun stuff, but for me the novelty has worn off after a while...



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