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max animation path question


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hi There


i previously made a rather basic fly-by path by using a circle

which didnt give The best results, Too close Too far it varied


so now i am 'designing' a cam path That fits closer To The project

it is a polyline offset by a 100' or so That closely follows The project outline


and Then i rounded The corners To make The cam path more equidistant

however, now when i have assigned The vrayphyscam To The path is stops


at The 1st 'piece' of polyline and just goes back and forth


so what am i missing here? how do you keep The camera rolling?

around The entire cam path (see attached image for reference)


This doesnt seem like it should be Too complicated but obvioiusly

i havent figured This out yet so i Thought i would do a bit of self


education. and ask for some 'HELP'


TIA or is That some kind of a medical condition(?)



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evidently The FileLinkManagered cam Path is a polyline

which is showing up as 8 separate segments = one spline


in max


but when i assigned The camera To This it still only navigates one segment

The shortest segment of course so This = not getting a fly-by, The camera


is stuck between 2 Endpoints








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i tried doin a filelinked polyline and path constrained a vray cam, worked well.

was using max7.5 though.

how about creating a new spline?

you can't edit a filelinked spline right? i tried. dunno about newer max versions, but if you can maybe select all vertices and click weld (ignore tolerance).


hope this helps.




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If you`re using trajectory animation with convert from spline there are a few important things to know. First of all is the sample range. The difference between start and end time should cover the allocated timing for the animation. Animation length from time configuration menu should be at least in size as the end time for sample range (take a look at the timeline length). The number of samples should be enough to cover smoothly the spline but not exaggerated.

It is very important to have a spline with evenly spaced vertices, if this isn`t possible then you need to move the animation keys to obtain a constant speed (or as you wish).

The last part for a better control is the controller type for the animation and Ease In and Out types for animation keyframes.

If you need something more realistic then you should try Craft Animation tools – a fantastic plugin for Max & Maya from www.craftanimations.com.

Best regards

Mihai ;)

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