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Hello to all!


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I am not really sure where to post this introduction, as I seem to have found a vast site full of information that pertains to me.


Now, some obligatory backstory:


I have been playing around with graphics for about 4 years now, mostly in programs related to one of my hobbies, map making. This includes a program called CC2 Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vue D'Esprit and 3DS Max (albeit, just recently for the latter.)


I really could not wrap my head around the CC2 program, as it was based on an older version of Autocad. I work best in the photoshop workflow.


I have been taking an online class in 3DS Max for modeling and rendering, but I have found that while it is certainly educational, it really does not peak my interest, as the main things modeled in that class are things like fighter jets, battleships and such.


I have always loved buildings. I love old building, catacombs and the likes, and it has been a hobby of mine to draw out realistic maps of these, sometimes for sale. I also love making renderings of terrain with vegetation.



I hope that in the future I can bring my 2D skills into the 3D realm. Right now I have the goal of creating a 3D Viz of a ruined cathedral, complete with the gothic loftings and pillars. I am slowly coming to terms with how to do this, as I am learning from the ground up. I call myself lucky that I found this site.


Anyway, I hope that I can post some pretty good WIPs for you all to rip up, and hopefully somehow contribute to the communty as a whole.





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I've got CC2-Pro, FT-Pro, etc etc... I couldn't wrap my head around them either.


I'm fairly new to Arch Visualisation, but have been using max for about a year or so.


Your photoshop skills will do you well when you go to unwrap and texture your models.


There are a lot of helpful people here - I'm glad I stumbled across the site as well.



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Sandeman and Sandman Ninja, what are the odds?


Welcome :D


I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work. I'm sure we are all in some way grateful that we found this site.


I recently got a raise because my boss noticed that my quality of work is getting better, thanx to this website ;)


Enjoy your stay:p

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Thank you very much. I was thinking about he same coincidence as well.


I am afraid I do not have much to show right now, as I am still learning the program, and how to model. Right now all I have is a basic floorplan from the walls, where I have cut in the spots for the windows and doors.


I do have one cool thing to pass on, and I am not sure that it is here or not:


Variable Translucent Modeling Materials


We all know you can press Ctrl+X to make the model X-Ray transparent. I think I have found a way that is better for me:


Adjust the time frame for your timeline to 5.

Select your object you want to apply the material to.

Open the material editor by pressing M

Apply a material with a diffuse color of your choice.

Press auto key, slide the time to the max, 5

Right click on the opacity twirly to reduce it to zero

Turn off auto key.

Make sure enable in viewport is selected.

Close the material editor



Voila! You now have a tranparent to translucent material. To adjust the amount of transparency, you just need to slide the time between 1 to 5. I find this works best with F4 pressed, so you can see the wireframe on shaded.


It may not be useful to anyone, but it is there.


I cannot wait to show what I have. I am thinking I will post even though I really have nothing to show for it. You have to start somewhere, right.



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