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Vray FUR + Lightcache


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How's your fur set up?


Number of hairs per face is the easiest way to control the fur. Obviously higher numbers will lead to slower render times.


Number of knots is also a big factor. Knots control the number of verticies along the shaft of the hair so doubling the number of knots doubles the number of faces you need to generate to create a single hair.


An expert may correct me on this, but the light cache deals with the fur, the same way if deals with any other arrangement of polygons, so I'd say that if you're experiencing difficulties, you may have your fur set up awarkwardly.

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I find fur calculations to be quiet fast considering teh density needed to look good.


Whats your emitter object set up like? How many faces? What distrribution method? Per area? Per face? Knots is another factor.


maybe post up a screengrab?

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