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Does anyone know of any IES lighting tutorials besides the evermotion one?


Im working on a project that is using 3 different IES lights, from 2 manufacturers. There are some sconces, a flood light & an ingrade lighting fixture. I've ran into a couple problems which I'm having trouble resolving.


First, every IES file that I setup from KIM lighting (kimlighting.com), is brought into the scene rather odd. The light itself is not rotated correctly, so that when the target is aimed at an object the light does not follow that target. I've messed with the Web Parameters rollout which has spinners for the X,Y, & Z rotations but it is cumbersome. The mesh of the light itself is very small & hard to see what direction it should actually be aimed in. Is there a way to scale up the mesh of the light so it can be larger? And is there a way to resolve the lights being oriented wrong?


The other problem I having is that the lights do not seem to be bright enough. When I scale up the light itself, the light become much more intense/brighter & looks better. (So I know its not my rendering settings) I need to get these lights to be very accurate for the architect. I've changed the scale of my scene to centimeters, & verified that objects in the scene are the correct scale.

I've rendered with the VRAY physical camera & Standard camera, but get the same results. Very dull lights. I've opened the IES files in an IES viewer & they appear to be working.


can anyone help?

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